Nest Hello Doorbell

Hi - wondering if anybody has come up with a way for the doorbell ring to create an alert that be played over the Alexa devices in the house?

For now you can do it through IFTTT if you are running Android. You can even announce a known person. Use Android notification on IFTTT with the body of the doorbell notification, then turn on a virtual switch.

You can do the same with Tasker and Sharptools…


Just remember the IFTTT integration is going away at the end of August when the “works with nest“ program ends. So “for now“ but I wouldn’t run out and buy new nest products if this is an essential use case for you.


It’s good to alert folks that Google Nest is shutting down the IFTTT integration but this use case doesn’t use Nest api. The Android phone notification on IFTTT is not going away, as far as I know :wink:


Google actually published an update on this today because of the black lash from the community

Apparently they’re extending support of WWN until the new WWGA API has all the same capabilities. At which point they’ll turn it off.

Feels like a win!

I don’t really recommend unlocking a door using the face recognition from Nest doorbell but, it is possible. This was my test to see if it works, and it does. Always automate responsibly :slight_smile:

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Feels like a scam, if you ask me. I believe it when I see it. Google has broken developers’ trust by making the announcement to shut down the api without thinking of the impact. Plus, that post came out yesterday and the Nest developers portal still says otherwise :frowning:


Fair point. I guess I want to believe them, because of all the Nest stuff I have in my house that, overall, I really love.

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I don’t see where it says that works with google assistant will end up with all the same features of works with nest, and I’m actually pretty sure that it won’t.

What does the following mean?

We’ll stop accepting new WWN connections on August 31, 2019.

Does that mean they won’t certify new integrations? They already stopped doing that.

Does that mean that you can’t set up a new nest account after that date?

Does that mean you can’t add new devices to an existing nest account?

What does that mean that they will cut off previously certified integrations?

I could guess, but I don’t want to, Because it’s not about what’s logical, it’s about what they actually do.

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I am deeply invested in Nest, in fact, 20 devices deep, so while I hope they get their s…tuff together, I am not holding my breath that they will :frowning:

A lot of community developed integrations require that the individual user sign up for a WWN ‘developer’ account and then enter your WWN API key in the DTH/SmartApp. Most community developed integrations will be useless for anyone who hasn’t signed up for a WWN account by that date.

Edit: And as you mentioned, they haven’t been approving integrations for a while, so that means that even if someone wanted to build an integration and host the backend (so users don’t have to get their own WWN key), there’s strict limits enforced on the unapproved WWN accounts so that’s a no-go too. :confused:

It’s a really disappointing move by Google/Nest.


They will also be useless for anyone who migrates his/her Nest account to the new Google Nest account, when prompted to do so, “later this year” …

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No way - I just want to hear when somebody rings the doorbell - thanks; I’ll set it up on IFTTT.


So, has anyone actually used IFTTT for the doorbell function? I can find motion and sound triggers but not the doorbell…

That sounds like you are trying to use the nest service on IFTTT, which is the thing which is going away. That’s not the solution that was being suggested here.

Instead, I believe @joshua_lyon was suggesting that you use the IFTTT service that recognizes the notification that comes in on your phone and use that as the trigger. Or some other method of capturing the notification.


Yes, but, there are some prerequisites:

  • must run Android
  • must integrate SmartThings with IFTTT
  • must use a custom virtual contact sensor with switch capability (or install Echo Speaks)

To set it up:

  • create the virtual contact switch in SmartThings
  • authorize the switch in IFTTT and Alexa
  • setup IFTTT when notification from Nest doorbell received, then turn SmartThings switch on.
  • create Alexa routine, "when contact switch opens, then announce “Doorbell is ringing”

Sounds a lot more complicated than it really is :slight_smile:

Yeah, I get all that. The problem I have is here: “setup IFTTT when notification from Nest doorbell received” The IFTTT Nest Services do not appear to expose the doorbell ringing function, just motion and sound alerts.

See post above (replace unlock door with turn on switch). Is based on the phone notification received from mobile app - using Android Phone notification service not Nest service.

Got it - that’s what I was missing; phone notification is trigger, not IFTTT Nest Service. Thanks!

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Yup, it’s this service: