Doorbell with facial recognition and SmartThings support?

I’m looking for a doorbell with facial recognition and that works with SmartThings. By facial recognition, I mean it will recognize familiar faces. I want this so the familiar person’s name can be announced by Alexa, google, Sonos or some smart speaker. It doesn’t seem the Google Nest Hello doorbell works with SmartThings, since Google took away IFTTT integration and the NST manager device handler doesn’t support it except as a camera. Any other options here?? My wife is actually ASKING for something smart here, so it would be a shame to miss out on such a rare opportunity!

By default, there aren’t any that support this yet

But if you are willing to put in some work you can make it happen

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Yeah that’s a whole lot of work, and surely this will come out soon, right? Actually, looking st Google’s store site today suggests that their Google Home hub works with SmartThings. Would that provide the needed interoperability right there? To for example allow turning on the porch lights when someone rings the doorbell after dark?

It would be tricky because the google home hub is only intended for indoor use and if it’s dark outside it’s unlikely that the facial recognition is going to work.

Netatmo’s welcome (indoor) Camera has facial recognition and a nice IFTTT channel, so you can use that now with smartthings with the same caveat: if you’re trying to recognize someone outside, you have to position the camera correctly at a window and if it’s dark the facial recognition may not work.

Most people instead would have the porch light come on for any motion in that area (that’s a good security measure anyway) and then do something different if the person is either recognized or not recognized.

Also note that the Google nest home hub does not have a camera, so no facial recognition with that one. It has to be the “Max“ model. And it won’t ship for a couple of weeks yet, so no real reviews so far.

No word yet on whether the “smartthings integration” will be limited to the current features, which let you use voice commands to the Google device to control smartthings Connected Devices, Or whether we will get a full range of access to the Google device’s own features

In other words, the google nest hub max might have facial recognition for its own use, but not make that available to third-party integrations like SmartThings. We just don’t know yet.