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Nest Hello Doorbell

Morning Guys,

I have soldered up a solution to effectively bypass the Nest API - or lack of for the actual push button.

Instead of connecting the Chime Connector to a hard wired old door bell chime iIhave a 16v transformer power source and the Chime Connector connected to a simple non-latching relay.

I them got a Z-wave Water sensor, cut off the probe and use the open wires to connect to the relay: Normally closed terminals.

Change your device type in the Smartthing api to a z wave button and your done. Now when the Door bell is pressed the Relay activates the Z wave module and you get a notification on your smartthings.

I then set up a Echo Speaks Webcore Piston to find a Door bell chime on Apple Music that rings triggers when the button is pressed.

I also used the two normally open 2 terminals on connect a hacked push button for a standard wireless doorbell & ringer.

My transformer, z wave device and Wireless Doorbell button all go into a double din blank socket box located beside a standard wall socket box and powered from there.

The Door bell wires them simply pulled through the wall as normal.

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Don’t mind me, just stealing the solution above

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If you have the time, any chance of a circuit diagram of the above? Would very much appreciate that!