Short range presence detection

I’ve been stuck in this project for ages… Here’s a short version:

I live in an apartment block. In the last floor of said building to be precise.
We have a garage right underneath the building.
We also have a pool.
To make things worse, right in the same block we have 3 restaurants and other leisure areas.

Until now I’ve been relying on a script running on a raspberry pi to find any Bluetooth devices and, thru a Domoticz server running on a Synology NAS, use them as presence devices. That worked… For a while…

I can’t rely on the smartpresence dongles because the batteries last for a mere month at a time…

I just installed the Nuki lock… But I’m afraid to integrate it just yet… I also got the matching keypad

Where I’m headed is… I need to find a reliable way to see who’s home or not… I’m afraid that at home my family won’t use the keypad on the way out…

Any ideas?

Ideally the script would be the best bet… As it worked perfectly for a while… Not sure why it just stopped detecting devices…

I know that @JDRoberts has a thread about iBeacons and Presence sensors for something called “micro presence management”. But I cannot find quickly the right topic. Do a search for iBeacon and you will see.
As I remember @JDRoberts uses it to unlock the door when he is arriving home. Probably the same applies for locking the door too.

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Usually the fastest way to find something in the forums is to use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:

In this case, go down near the bottom of that page for the section on “project reports” and look for the list on “presence and micro location“ and you can find those discussion threads.

That said, it’s still not going to work for @danielccm because he wants something that does not require putting an app on each person‘s phone, or requiring them to carry something physical like a key fob.

I have an app on a tablet at my house, but each person carries an Ibeacon with them. They don’t have to put any app on their phone, but they do have to have that physical object with them.

His requirements are very specific and very restrictive and really the only way I know of to do it in a way that meets his requirements is the way he originally tried, which is to recognize when specific devices sign into his Wi-Fi network at home. But I don’t know why that stopped working for him, he had a method that was utilizing that approach.


It was actually Bluetooth… lol! But the rest is the same…

Here’s the link to the code… :slight_smile: so that someone smarter than me can take a look and tell me where the problem could be…

Thanks guys!

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Is the Google nest doorbell available in Spain? I know it’s sold in the UK. It has facial recognition and you might be able to use that if you are allowed to put a video doorbell on your flat.

Here’s a recent discussion thread how one member is using it: