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Need Help With Nest Hello Triggering Front Porch Light



Hi, I am trying to get my Front Porch light to trigger on motion using my Nest Hello. I have the NST Manager installed and recently implemented the REST app on an Ubuntu server. I am using WebCore for the automation.

I used to have a 1st generation RING doorbell that I did this same thing through the smart lighting smart app, and besides the short delay to pick up motion due to the way that doorbell works it triggered perfectly.

Moved to Nest Hello because I have all Nest thermostats and google home devices, plus I thought that since the Hello was hardwired and always on it would be better.

I’m having tons of issues getting this to work though. At first it wasn’t even triggering it and I could see no motion events in the logs on IDE, but then I changed a setting on the device in the IDE and it started triggering those events and turning on the light.

The setting was MotionOnPersonOnly and it was set to True, but changing it to false seemed to allow the motion communications to be seen by smartthings. However, it was triggering it all the time. Basically the light was always on.Despite that I have a statement in there that says after five minutes inactive to turn off.

I have a Motion zone set up and so I went in to NST manager and changed the setting to only trigger motion in that zone, but I can go stand in front of my door and though the doorbell sees me and sends me an alert through NEST app the light never comes on and the logs show no activity. If I remove that setting then it is back to being always on.

Hoping someone can please help. This should be so easy to do, but I’m getting super frustrated with it. I’ve seen where some users are doing the exact thing I am trying to do with the Hello, so if you could pass along your settings that might help. Thanks in advance.


I’m guessing that no one here is able to help or is willing. Either way I figured I’d add another update.

So webcore is not triggering this for me. I switched to the setup I had with the Ring through the Smart Lighting smart app and it will actually trigger it, but it is very inconsistent.

I can go stand in front of the Hello waiving my hands for minutes on end and the light will never trigger.

However, I have a bathroom right off the front door that has a window looking on to the front porch. If I enter that bathroom in the evening and turn the light on then the light going through the window on to the porch will trigger a motion event and turn on the front porch light. I say it triggers a motion event, but not in my nest app (which it should not do), but it must trigger one with NST Manager / REST.

Also, if my neighbors across the street pull in or out of their driveway with their car lights on it will trigger it.Or if a car drives by my house with headlights that reach my porch it will trigger the light to turn on.

The problem is it triggers it for these non-events, but doesn’t actually trigger it if someone is standing in front of the camera.

Serious problem with NST Manager / REST that needs to be sorted. May be just a setting I have not configured correctly, but I have combed through every setting available to me and changing them seems to make no difference. It either comes on and basically stays on indefinitely as described in my previous post, or it comes on for non-events of simple light changes and not for actual motion.

(Michael Auslander) #3

Hi Sven,

Just found your post. I’ve been trying the same thing, raising the lights when someone comes on the porch. It seems that the Nest Hello API (from my research) isn’t available yet so the the NST Manager is treating it like a camera. Ideally for me, would be that when a person comes on the porch in my defined zone, I raise the lights. Having no luck so far. Can’t even get the “switch” function to work. I assumed this was the doorbell press.

Have you made any other progress?




Hey Mike,

Unfortunately I have not, and I’m guessing the writer of the NST Manager app has either not seen this topic or does not know how to help.

Either way at this point my front porch light turns on randomly throughout the time period I have set up in the Smart Lighting automation app. Usually because car headlights pass, my neighbors pull in or out, or their Christmas lights register on my camera. Sadly never because a person is standing in front of it.

I have it set up to turn off five minutes after motion stops, so it’s basically like a very extended blinking light on my porch all night long.

If it is an API issue hopefully Google will start playing nice with us in the ST community and give access.