IOS push notification to SmartThings action?

First of, sorry if I’m in the wrong section. Second, sorry for grammar errors and wrong terms for stuff as I’m Dutch and new at SmartThings.

I have the Samsung V3 hub, Nest Hello doorbell and at the moment dumb porch lights.

Nice that my Nest doorbell integrates with SmartThings, but only partly. Because I want the lights to turn on when it detects a person. Not with any motion. I leave in a green environment so motion and sound are turned off. Person and push the doorbell is on.
I can make a switch to turn the lights on when the doorbell is pressed, but person is usually a bit sooner.

I understand that Tasker could make the push notification from the Nest app to a action. But is there something I can do to make this work on a IOS device?

(And also for possible other functions in the future)

Not sure about all your parameters, but this is doable…. on Android phones. An app called Tasker can intercept that notification, and based on the subject or contents or sender etc perform actions.

So if you want this to occur in your home, pick up a cheap Android phone and install Tasker and Smartthings. Oh, and Sharptools. I got a handful of phones for $20 (US dollars) each a few years ago, and have deployed one of them in exactly this way.

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Yes I know of Tasker, but the hassle of an extra phone doesn’t weigh up to just install a extra motion sensor I guess.

It’s a option if there really is no other option.
How do you set it up? As a extra user in my current house?

No, it’s not a user. It’s just an interface. It receives the notifications, and converts them into actionable triggers.


There’s no simple or easy way to make it work with just an iOS device. :disappointed_relieved: This is an Apple limitation. For privacy and security reasons, they don’t allow notifications to trigger anything, not even in Shortcuts.

@Glen_King ’s suggestion is clever, and honestly at this time is the easiest and least expensive method.

There is another VERY complicated method that involves adding homebridge, pushcut, and Zapier, and it still doesn’t work as well as Tasker. So…for now, I would agree that an inexpensive, no contract, android device with Tasker and SharpTools is the most logical method. It’s definitely easier. :sunglasses:

If Apple ever adds notifications as a trigger in shortcuts, then we will have more choices.

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Easy is better.
I’m already very proud of myself that I got Aqara sensors and the “Device monitoring” app working.

For now I’ll stick to a extra motion sensor and see if I can find out how I can set up a Android phone, no idea how that works (yet).

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