Nest Hello with Sesame Lock

(Michael) #1


Quick question. I just installed the sesame deadbolt with the wifi adapter. I also recently put in a nest hello doorbell. In my head, the most useful combination would be to connect the two. Is there a way using webcore to recognize specific “familiar faces” and have it unlock the door from that?

My son comes home from school reliably in a 10 minute window every day. I would love to use the time window and his facial recognition to trigger the door to unlock. Pipe dream, or possible?

Thanks as always for your help.

(Tony B.) #2

You can do it with Tasker and AutoNotification.

(Bob Kerr) #3

Nest doesn’t have an API that exposes the facial recognition, yet. You are better off asking Nest directly (or following API updates) in their own community at:

(Michael) #4

My current setup is ios and mac only…is there a way to still use tasker? Or maybe an alternative program? A search for that topic shows old results only…hoping there might be a new way to workaround it…thanks

(Tony B.) #5

Buy an Android phone or tablet. Nothing is going to be close to what Tasker can do for you. NOTHING.