Nest Hello with Sesame Lock


Quick question. I just installed the sesame deadbolt with the wifi adapter. I also recently put in a nest hello doorbell. In my head, the most useful combination would be to connect the two. Is there a way using webcore to recognize specific “familiar faces” and have it unlock the door from that?

My son comes home from school reliably in a 10 minute window every day. I would love to use the time window and his facial recognition to trigger the door to unlock. Pipe dream, or possible?

Thanks as always for your help.

You can do it with Tasker and AutoNotification.

Nest doesn’t have an API that exposes the facial recognition, yet. You are better off asking Nest directly (or following API updates) in their own community at:

My current setup is ios and mac only…is there a way to still use tasker? Or maybe an alternative program? A search for that topic shows old results only…hoping there might be a new way to workaround it…thanks

Buy an Android phone or tablet. Nothing is going to be close to what Tasker can do for you. NOTHING.