Neo Coolcam Sirem Alarm pairing

Bought a Dome Siren a few weeks ago and it connected great. Installed dome device handler and have had no problems.

I got a Neo Coolcam Siren Alarm (looks same as Dome) and cannot pair the device to Smartthings.

Reset the device…held button for 10 seconds.
Tried to Exclude the device (would not excude)
Tried to Pair (Add) the device 6 inches away
unplugged my smartthings v2

Nothing seems to work. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi, I paired it a few moment ago.
I press 3 times fastly the button inside and the smartthings on add device mode. After a minute does not appear nothing.
I reset the device, and pressed 3 times again and then appear two devices. Only one was the good; the other one I think was the first try.
I edit the device and put as Z-wave Siren and works OK.

dumb question: did you buy the right frequency? I see them on Ali Express in different z-wave frequencies for different markets.

It was listed as zwave plus and I checked the v2 hub and it says they
support gen 5 (zwave plus). Not sure the frequency. I would guess 903.

there is no guessing. Check the device label or your order. If its the wrong frequency then it won’t pair.

908.4 mhz, us

Well if you’re in the US then who knows!

Read the instructions and it has both the UK and us frequency listed. Guess
I have the UK version.

Hello, I’ve just bought the Neo Coolcam Siren and it didn’t pair. did you find any solution to your problem ?

Never go it o connect. They sent me the UK version and it was the wrong frequency.

Is there a way to determine which frequency I have from the device itself? The instructions show frequencies for both the UK and US. I cannot get it to pair.

FCC id would be one way. Markings on the box or devices would be another.