Neo Coolcam Door Sensor

Hi guys,
I bought a Neo Coolcam door sensor ( it says it uses Z-Wave Plus, but I can’t seem to add it to SmartThings, it just doesn’t seem to find it. I’ve tried adding a few Z-Wave door sensor device handlers, but it still can’t find it. Yes, I’ve put the sensor into discovery mode first. Any clues?

do you know which zwave Freq the sensor operates in?

It says in the manual:
“868.4MHz EU, 908.4MHz US, 921.4MHz ANZ, 869.2 MHz RU”

You need to ask which Freq you get, it’s not multi freq

I have the same sensor. No problem connecting. But I specifically asked for the EU freq. If it’s not the freq then maybe it has an old battery. Does the blue led light pop up?

I’ve only ever seen the red light. Looking on the PCB inside, it says “E/U” so it looks like I’ve been given a European model and I have a US hub. Goddammit, they don’t even say on their listing what frequency they are selling! Is there anything that can be done to fix this? Can it be flashed with a different region firmware or something?

I don’t think so, send it back ask for a US one.

I just got one of these and while it does connect to Smartthings. It does not seem very reliable at all. I can hear it when I open the door, but the smartthings app does not show that it is open. Does anyone know of any other device handlers that can be used instead of pairing it natively? I know since this a NEO that a lot of the Zooz DH’s work with the motion sensor products. Anyone have any experience with this?

I got the sensors working but i use the dome device handler. But my battery status is not working. Somebody got a better device handler?