Neo Cool Cam Siren/Alarm Sensor

Hi, Has anyone come across this one? Looks good value. Works indoor or outdoor and is battery powered. Looks ideal but i’m not sure how it will integrate with SmartThings.

Fiddling with it right now. It works, installs as a switch, changed to generic siren. Works but hard to turn off and only full “siren” wanted to use it as notifcation (eg soft “bing”) when someone opens a specific door.

Did you have to use any special device handlers to get this to pair? I just got one and I can’t pair it at all.

Try a handler for dome siren. Works perfectly for me

I tried handler for dome siren & its not working. Everything is “grayed out”

Please help on how to pair this siren. Thanks.

Anyone, please.

Hi Knighto, I just bought this and it paired quite easily, though I did stand next to the hub when pairing it. It seems to have a shorter range than some of my other devices.
I haven’t worked out how to make it more sophisticated than a simple on/off siren yet though. Does anyone know if there’s a preconfigured device type that works with this, allowing you to change volume and siren sound?

I managed to get the DOME Handler to work, but the range is horrendous on mine wont work beyond a metre away from the home hub. This gave the impression it wouldnt work, you may find this is the issue.

Does anyone know how to increase the range??

Use this device handler;

Dome camera handler

Please remove the code and post a link to the handler instead. Thanks

Sorry about that I know for future, Don’t suppose you have any idea why the range of mine is less than 2m from the Hub.

Thanks for posting that link to the event handler. I’ll try that, as was getting stuck trying to write an event handler for it.

As for your range issue, no idea why the range is so bad - maybe yours is faulty. You could send it back as I’m sure you could argue it’s not fit for purpose. Otherwise, I guess you could place a power outlet within 2 metres as they act as repeaters, don’t they?

although I’m just wondering if you’ll get a better range on a different wifi channel?

II know the range of the Dome device is 150’ so if it’s the same for the Neo Cool Cam device that your device may be defective.

Do you have a powered device you can put between the device and the hub?

Just got one. Worked straight out of the box. It installed as a Generic Z-Wave Switch. I updated to the Dome Siren link above (its not a camera that’s a typo). Gives lots of options for chimes and sirens and I had no problems with distance. All in all happy bunny :grinning:

Does the Neo Coolcam Siren Alarm works with the custom Dome Siren DH? I got mine (Neo Coolcam SA), successfully detected under z-wave siren. After changing DH to the custome Dome Siren DH, it doesn’t work now. Any clue?

Solved after going thru the setting and click “save” on Smartthings app.

I use “Zooz Smart Chime” Handler. It works perfectly.
Please refer to [RELEASE] Zooz Smart Chime for more info.

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Just got my Neo coolcams Siren working with the Dome Handler published above - very easy!

my original Dome Siren died after about 12 mths of use - I now have a Neo Coolcam Siren (looks identical to the dome)
I already had the Dome device handler installed from the old one - do I need to remove and reinstall it to get the Neo siren to work the same as the dome used to?

I have the neo installed as just a siren at the moment

Need to help to get it to work like the dome used to