NEO COOLCAM Zwave devices in SmartThings? (EU) - Working like Magic

Hello Team,

Well, I would like to know if any one of you work with Neo CoolCam devices integrated into SmartThings Hub? In fact, I have browsed the smartthings official web site --> “Work with Smartthings” section and found that under the brand “Neo Coolcam” was listed as supported following devices.

  1. Neo Coolcam Door Windows Sensor and supported model “Model
    Number: NAS-DS02ZU” with Z-wave
  2. Neo Coolcam Z-Wave Siren and supported model “Model Number: NAS-
    AB02ZU” with Z-wave

Any one is having idea following Z-wave devices could integrate or support to SmartThings Hub?

  1. NAS-PD07Z(868.42MHz) 4 in 1 Sensor
  2. NAS-WR03Z(868.42MHz) UK standard smart plug
  3. NAS-AB03Z(868.42MHz) Siren Alarm
  4. NAS-WS07Z(868.42MHz) Water Leakage sensor
  5. NAS-SC01Z-3(868.42MHz)3 gangs intelligent light switch(S2)
  6. NAS-SC01Z-2(868.42MHz) 2 gangs intelligent light switch
  7. NAS-SC01Z-1(868.42MHz)1 gang intelligent light switch
  8. NAS-RC03Z(868.42MHz)/ Scene control button with 4 button
  9. NAS-RC01Z(868.42MHz)/ SOS /Panic button

In the ST Hub App, showing many devices can i but I am not sure, is that true or not. Could someone advise me?

I have a neo coolcam plug (UK) it works straight out of the box and is one of the cheapest z wave smart plugs and possibly the smallest aswell.


Hello Adam,

Thanks for the reply. Is that the slimier model of “(NAS-WR03Z(868.42MHz) UK standard smart plug)” or do you use different model? Could you please share the model number if possible?

Sorry I don’t have the exact model number but this is the one I bought.

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Thanks a lot Adam and at least I am sure one device is working.

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Hi All,

I am happy to inform you that below NEO CoolCam Devices I have tested today. Working and compatible with SmartThings Hub 3. This is really great news and I would like to share with you guys.

NAS-DS01Z, (868.42MHz) Door/Contact Sensor
NAS-PD03Z, (868.42MHz) 3 in 1 sensor(Motion, light and temperature sensor)
NAS-WS03Z, (868.42MHz) Water leakage sensor
NAS-AB03Z, (868.42MHz) Siren alarm
NAS-WR03Z, (868.42MHz) UK standard smart plug
NAS-SC01Z-1, (868.42MHz) 1 gang intelligent light switch
NAS-SC01Z-2, (868.42MHz) 2 gangs intelligent light switch



Did you install any special handlers or it worked straight out of box.
i have 2 gang switches and one channel isn’t working in new ST app.

Hello Ozren,

There is no handler at all and it was 100% detected by ST z wave and it is working as expected. Does your ST support 868.42MHz?

Hi guys, do you have any Device Handler for this device " NAS-SC01Z-3(868.42MHz)3 gangs intelligent light switch(S2)"?, What about the Device Handlers for American frecuencies?

Thanks in advance

It works, but the Humidity sensor does not work for me, does it work for you?


It works forme now as well. It Needed about 24 hours to know its surroundings I guess.

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I wanted to know if the lighting sensor with Zooz 4-in-1 sensor works for you?

Yes lux works
Apologies for the slow reply

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, is there a possibility to calibrate it? changing the parameters, because the measurements seem a bit high to me.

I have bought 2 coolcam cams to test if they work with smartthings. I am using the zwave sdk for android. In my tests, the cams worked perfectly on both a Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S. So I was really surprised, when it did not work at all… Not sure what’s going wrong… Maybe someone else having the same issue.
So I have some questions for you guys now:
Is it possible to use the coolcam cams with smartthings?
What version of the Zwave sdk should you use?
How do I install it correctly? Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

No way I know of. I have an automation to turn on Kitchen lights during the day below 550 lux and the Hall below 400 lux, if that’s any use to you?

Update 12/2/23 (Edge Drivers) I have tested.

NAS-PD07Z (868.42MHz) 5 in 1 sensor works with Z-Wave Drivers - philh30 (Channel), Z-Wave Sensor PH (Driver)

NAS-PD03Z, (868.42MHz) 3 in 1 sensor (Motion, light and temperature sensor) works with Mariano Shared Beta Driver (Channel), Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc (Driver)

NAS-SC01Z-1, (868.42MHz) 1 gang intelligent light switch works with Mariano Shared Beta Driver (Channel), Z-Wave Switch Mc (Driver)

NAS-SC01Z-2, (868.42MHz) 2 gangs intelligent light switch works with Smartthings Drivers (Beta) (Channel), Z-Wave Switch (Driver)

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