Neo Coolcam Door sensor Battery status

(Denny) #1

Hello, i have the Neo Coolcam Door/windows sensor.
To get this to work i used the dome device handler that works but it doesn’t give feedback about my battery status.
Does somebody got this sensor working including the battery status?


( - Make your home your butler!) #2

Have you tried using the standard ST Door/Window DTH (secure and non secure versions)?

(Jimmy) #3

that sensor’s fingerprint was added to the standard z-wave door window sensor handler. Try it.

(Denny) #4

Thanks for the reply. I changed the device handler to the default one but my battery is still 100% :smile:.
This sensor is active for 4 months so shoud be at least 98%.
Do you guys have more ideas?

(Jimmy) #5

Most battery readings don’t drop in that small of an increment. It probably won’t show a new battery reading until its below 90%