I have been using SmartThings for years in my own house and just installed the TH6320ZW2003 along with a number of other devices in my dad’s house along with a new SmartThings v3 hub. Everything is working well except for this thermostat.

The TH6320ZW2003 device in my app does not show any ability to adjust the heat. I can use a scene to change the temperature but have no visibility to see the setting remotely in the app. The history ocassionally shows the current temperature but never the heat setpoint. I have tried all the different thermostat device handlers including the one specifically for the T6 Pro and none show the heat setpoint or allow it to be changed. The best handler seems to be the ZWave battery thermostat because that one at least shows the battery power level.

Any advice?

Take a look at this device handler which has special support for the T6 and T5 models. It also allows you to enable Auto mode on the TH6320ZW2003 along with other thermostat features. More details on this link:

@RBoy, any Edge update to your thermostat driver?

I’m hoping to get some good options with the T6-Pro, specifically notificationsj when the set temperature is changed (I would like to install it in my retail store, and be notified when someone changes the setting).
I don’t know if the Honeywell supports this or not.

It’s in the works

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Great! Thanks for what you do.

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