Need your help Scene override

Hello all,

I have scene that sets my Ac thermostat to 71 degrees at 7pm until 6am. However, my son has the presence device from smarthings which I’m using to trigger certain things when he’s home. What I’m trying to do is set the thermostat to 75 degrees anytime he’s home with the exception between 7pm and 6am which thermostat is set at 71. If he’s not home or the time is outside 7pm to 6am then I want the thermostat at 78.

The problem I have is that if he arrives anytime after 7 PM his arrival is overriding my original scene and is setting the thermostat at 75 instead of keeping it at 71 as I want it after 7pm. When I create a scene I don’t see a way to make time based. Anything I can do?

SmartThings doesn’t really call them scenes, as far as I know. Which Smartapp are you using to create your rule tied to your son’s presence sensor? Can you restrict the hours that the rule is active so that it only changes the temperature if he’s home/away before 6pm?

You could always use Rule Machine.

Create a rule that uses the presence sensor as an input. If he’s present (rule is true) set thermostat to 75. If away (rule is false) 78 degrees. That can definitely be restricted to certain hours.