Need a suggestion for thermostat management, scenes aren’t working

I have the heat set to a lower temp when the house is in away mode, but I want to be able ro.incrrase the temp when someone comes home. I tried setting up a scene but I notice if I increase the heat, it falls back to the set temp feom.the scene. Any suggestions?

Assuming you’re using the new v3 app, just create a custom automation. I was able to do that just now.

Your “if” will be the arrival of the person, and the “then” will be to select the thermostat and the heating temp you want it at when they arrive.

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I am.using the new app & i.did.ser up the automation you mention but what I think everytime I change the temp it reverts back to the set temp in the automation. What I have setup is the heat going down to 68 when the house is in away mode. Once my wife comes home the temp is set to 70. If I increase the temp it looks reverts back ro.70 every so often.

Something else must be happening then. Once she’s home, and the automation runs, it shouldn’t run again until she leaves and then returns. In between those presence states you should be able to adjust the thermostat to anything you’d like.

Your description of the problem sounds like her phone is being detected as not present, and then present again. Do you have any other automations running that could change the thermostat?

You could try adding another “then” statement to your automation that notifies you when it executes. If you get a notification it ran while she’s home, then at least you can start debugging phone presence issues.

You can also look at the event logs in the IDE for the device to see if it’s leaving and arriving when you’re not expecting. Here’s an example of one of mine:

So I have this setup as a scene & it looks like the scene ran 3 times after my wife came home. I’m going to change it an automation without the scene & monitor it. My wife is using an iphone & I know there were some bugs so presence might be the issue. Thanks.

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search for the @RBoy custom apps and device handlers. his stuff is awesome

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Do you use webCore?

If the Mode changes to whatever, then with the thermorstat, Resume Program


If the Mode changes to whatever, then with the thermorstat, Set Heating Point at xF