Possible "stuck" activity from previous app?

I have an automation that runs at 7 am. This runs the “morning” scene which includes setting the living room thermostat to 71 degrees. However every morning the thermostat is set to 72 degrees, not 71.

This morning I changed the time to run at 7:15 am, and noticed after that the thermostat was set to 71 degrees as I expected.

The only thing I can think is this: when I had the old version of the app, I also had a “morning” scene that set the thermostat to 72. That scene is not visible in the new app but somehow it’s still in the hub and is overriding the visible scene. Perhaps it runs just after the current active one.

Is this possible, and is there a way to find/remove the automation or scene or whatever it is that’s causing this to happen?

Go into the IDE and open the device page for the thermostat. Click on the events link and see if that sheds light on what is changing the thermostat.

Look through your automations to see if there is one in there that may have been created by migrating from the old app that you didn’t realize is there.

By IDE do you mean the SmartThings app? I don’t see “events” but there is a “History” link at the bottom. I only see an entry for when I manually adjusted the temp on the front of the thermostat. No tracking of temps set via the app. It’s a Honeywell. Our other two therms are Ki which control baseboard heaters. I do see history for those.

Automation-wise we only have two total (morning and evening), so unlikely to be one hiding in there.

No, the IDE is accessible via the web. https://graph.api.smartthings.com/

Ah I see.

I logged in via my Samsung account but don’t see any of my stuff. When I click on My Hubs it says “You don’t have any hubs yet. Please use the SmartThings mobile app to claim your hub.” But in the mobile app I see my hub and no “claim” option that I can see.

Sounds like there may be a location issue which is beyond my expertise. @jkp ?

Make sure to login to IDE at https://account.SmartThings.com

And be sure to use the same Samsung account that you are using for the app

I did have to go through some hoops with Samsung to get migrated from the old app to the new app. Including everything getting wiped out at least once. Kind of surprising how difficult all this is - feels like 20 years ago :slight_smile:

Does IDE list any locations?

JKP that was it. I now see my devices and see events for the living room therm.

I also see an “In Use By” section that lists a bunch of “phrases”. Those appear to be old routines from before I migrated to the new app.

I don’t see any of the scenes or automations I have set up in the new app. So maybe the IDE only sees old-app things, not new-app things?

Can/should I delete these “phrases”? Seems like I’d want to, if I want the app to be in charge.

Correct. IDE will only show the old groovy stuff and not the newer stuff such as automations in the new app. IDE will be phased out in 2021… most likely the latter part of the year. Other changes… less logging in ide and new cloud to cloud devices show with placeholder as the device type.


So should I delete those “phrases”, then? I’m thinking yes. I can recreate them as automations if need be.