Need to control 2 devices connected to one Duplex outlet

I have a location where I need to have 2 independently controlled devices connected to one duplex power outlet. I’m looking for either small z-wave plugs where I can fit two into the same duplex outlet, or a Z-wave outlet with two independently controlled outlets. I’ve looked around but haven’t been able to find any, maybe someone here has some suggestions?

I have a couple tp-link slim plugs that will fit on the same outlet but they are WiFi and don’t natively connect to smartthings so I would like to avoid more of these.


Costco has two pack Wemo mini for $32 in store or $35 shipped.

Inovelli makes a zwave plug in pocket socket with two independently controlled outlets. :sunglasses:

@Eric_Inovelli can answer any further questions about it. It’s quite popular in the community.

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They would work and are a similar size to the TP-Link plugs I have now. The issue with the Wemo appears to be the same as the TP-Link in that they aren’t officially Smartthings supported and work through a third party device handler and the cloud.

I was hoping to find plugs that were either z-wave or at least officially compatible with Smartthings. Or even better would be a duplex outlet with two switched outlets.

I ended up using a power strip to get me the additional space I needed…luckily, this was behind a couch. I added a third at Christmas to turn on and off some candles in the window.

You may also get two of those outdoors ones that have a little extension on the plug.

The Inovelli dual plug looks like it will be perfect for what I need. Thanks for all the help!

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