Outlet Recommendation

I have an Appliance Module that controls 2 lamps, I want to replace it with an outlet. I see that both outlets listed below will work, any preferences.

Also when I get one or the other do I need to do a new install or just replace the current Appliance Module. The new outlet will still control the same 2 lamps.
Thanks Mike

First, almost all Zwave outlets at the present time only allow you to control one of the two receptacles – – the other one is not controlled by the network it’s just a regular outlet. So I wasn’t sure if that met your needs.

Features one Z-Wave enabled outlet for wirelessly controlled devices and one always-on AC outlet for other devices

The question of whether you can do a zwave replace for the new outlet is an interesting one. If the outlet and your current pocket socket use exactly the same zwave commands, you probably can. Especially if you’re just looking for basic on/off. If one of them has different commands then you would need a new device type Handler. But there shouldn’t be any harm in trying the replace and seeing if it works. Both of these devices are technically just “switches” at the basic level.

Should have been a little clearer both lamps are plugged into an extention cord . So yes I realize only one plug is z wave.

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