Need suggestions for basic security-related devices (keypad, motion sensor, etc)

Hi guys!

Need a little help. I just bought the ST and need your recommendations on additional devices on security such as siren that can connect. I already bought the aeon siren so besides that device for outdoor and indoor.

Also if there’s such outside motion with siren/chime in it that can connect to ST.

Also, any keypad to disarm or arm without using my phone when I get home/kids.

No responses here? Curious to what you ended up buying. Can you post your setup and results?

bumping this thread. @Nonatge did you make any progress with your security setup?

Hello everyone,

I am brand new to this forum. Just bought a smart hub kit and set up the sensors. This is totally noob but I can’t figure out how to post a new question to a new thread? Maybe I can’t cuz I’m new?

Anyways, my question is this;

I live in Canada and bought a think protection security system. In the think p app you can locate and add z wave tech to it. It seems ST also works with z wave. Are the ST multi sensors z wave? Does anyone know if you can link think p to ST? ST to think P? Multi sensors to think P?

Think p said you can’t beef up their system but there is clearly z wave compatibility. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Also on the topic of security. I think the is more of a potential Alexa security breach but what are your thoughts? I can program Alexa through ST to open my garage door. Given Alexa is so sensitive to voice and the most common places people keep it, could a criminal yell in from behind a closed door or window and ask to open the garage door? Sure they wouldn’t know if you had that function. Sure the user would get a notification. But nonetheless it’s 2017. By 2030 when amazon had taken over the world and everyone has a smart home, this could be more of an issue no? Just a thought.

Regarding voice control and garage door opening, there’s no question that’s a serious potential issue. Amazon mentions it on their site and says you have to consider whether this might be a problem for you.

There are people who have their voice device is placed so that even someone yelling outside will not be recognized by the voice device.

There are some ways to disguise the device name so that you could make it something a stranger wouldn’t know, like “open the gorilla fist,” and for now that’s probably the simplest.

Both Amazon and Google are working on individual voice recognition, so presumably by 2030, and probably well before, you could set it up so that your voice device would only respond to your own voice.

So it’s definitely something to consider now, but from a practical standpoint it’s probably not that big a deal as long as you plan for the possibility. :sunglasses:

As far as extending your current system… Smart things is a multiprotocol platform and can work with many different devices. The SmartThings brand sensors are zigbee, so they would not work with your Z wave system.

In general, SmartThings does not play well with other controllers, even if they’re zwave, so you can’t usually practically share devices between SmartThings and another system even when it’s technically possible. Because they use the same protocol. Some systems, such as simplisafe, offer potential cloud cloud integration, while others, such as abode, have an IFTTT channel which can be used for a partial in direct integration.

But In general, security systems tend to not open up to integration with other systems for reliability and, well, security reasons.