Several questions in regards to ST

Hello all,

I want to apologize upfront because I am a totally noob on this and needed some help/clarification from you the experts.

I am brand new to this world of automation and now I have the opportunity to dive into this and try it out, The only currently thing that I have and Im able to control is my system where I can open my garage door, close it, arm away, stay, etc. and if any windows or doors including the garage stays open, then I would get a notification. Also I do have 1 echo dot that I am able to arm my alarm and that’s about it. I have a 2gig panel with Zwave possibility I believe

Now some of the things I am interested in doing is being able to speak and control my thermostat lights and things like that with the echo dot and I wanted to make sure that this is the better option compared to others such as the vera.

Some of the things im looking for:

  • control thermostat away and by voice (is ecobee the cherry on the ice cream or is it the nest?)
  • Smoke / CO that would notify me of something and be able to communicate with the thermostat to shut off systems.
    -Water sensor to notify and shut off if necessary
  • When alarm is arm and someone trying to break in, I would like all lights to turn on (I have recessed lighting all over except rooms and bathrooms, which bulbs do I need?)
  • I will be installing some IP cameras that I would like to get notified as well
  • Ring doorbell seems to be the best option for me in terms of size to install next to my door on my current door bell, can this communicate with ST?
  • Install some wifi swith to control by voice and lighting schedules
  • possiblity of IFTTT
  • And some others that I don’t remember at the moment.

So, am I able to do this? Thank you in advance for any incoming advice. Just so you know that I would be starting by the thermostat and smoke alarm if you can recommend anything!.

Hi Gabriel,

Welcome to ST and the Community! Most, if not all, of your answers can be found by searching the Community. You’ll be pleased with what you find, and within the discussions you’ll find you should also ask more questions.

Our Wiki may also be helpful for you:

Anything is almost possible given the right combination of SmartApps and devices (physical and/or virtual). Your choice of thermostat is really up to you. You’ll get many opinions around here.

Yes. Depending on the SmartApps you decide to use.

Yes, you can do this depending on the devices you have in your environment.

Yes, you can do this with Smart Home Monitor or Smart Alarm. Bulbs can be a pain to control in groups, so I’d recommend smart switches/dimmers instead. There are lots of discussions on this topic, so search the community. I use a combination or switches and bulbs (only in lamps).

Depends on the camera and the DTH (device type handler). Again, search the community. Personally I use Blink cameras.

Yes, I use a Ring Pro. Again, search the community and you’ll find several discussions about doorbells.

Yes, lighting schedules can be done. There are a few SmartApps that do that, including ST’s Smart Lighting app.
Personally I’d look at zwave or zigbee switches instead of wifi.

Yes, ST has IFTTT integration. Again, search the community.


Thank you so much for the answers @johnconstantelo , I really appreciate it!

As for light switch I was thinking something like the Wemo Light switch (wifi), since you say zwave would be better, is zwave overall better than wifi things?

Anytime! While ST can do wifi devices, like Wemo, I think you’ll be less frustrated with zwave devices (depending upon what issues ST is having at any point in time), like GE’s or Leviton’s switches. There are a few discussions on Wemo devices, so catch up on those and you’ll see what I mean. I went with GE devices everywhere in my home.

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Thank you again for the fast reply!. I will definitely look into it, I am looking to have it frustration free lol.

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