Start up kit questions (UK)

This is a 101 question, as I’m just starting out.

I’m based in the UK and my aim is to use ST for security and monitoring. I have some questions, also require advice / recommendations - please.

  1. The HUB: if someone unplugs it from mains when the siren is active what happens?
    ie burglar finds the hub

  2. How many mobile devices can you register with the HUB? Can one user be administrator and fine grain control to other users?

  3. For my internal doors I was thinking about buying
    a) whats your experience? - any good. To me battery life sounds great - is it true, 10years!
    b) Would a multi-sensor be better?

  4. What’s the best thing for windows? I would like protection if bugler smashing the window and/or uses a crow bar to for it open. Would a motion sensor point to the window be best ? or a mute-sensor ? or ?.
    a) which types / make would you recommend?

  5. I have elderly people living with me and they find it difficult to use an App. They would only need to activate at night and De-activate in the morning. What is your recommendation for this situation? or is the App the only option?

Sorry about all these questions, any help appreciated.
Ta, Mesh

Because smartthings is primarily a cloud-based system, it is not usually chosen as a primary security system. In the US, you can buy the ADT/smartthings model, which has a number of features not available in the regular hub, and use that for security, but that model line is not yet available in the UK.

Before going any further, I suggest that you read the official product usage guidelines carefully and determine if this is something That would match your needs before proceeding.

Data accuracy and consistency from SmartThings sensors, including those provided by SmartThings directly, resold by SmartThings, or supported by SmartThings, is not guaranteed. Therefore, you should not rely on that data for any use that impacts health, safety, security, property or financial interests.

The siren keeps blaring. Same if the internet is out or the SmartThings cloud is down.

You can login to may devices, but can only use one with mobiel presence. You can also add other users, but there is no granual security. If they have a login they get access to all. Some people use Smart Tiles for limited control.

No experience with Sensative Strips, but i’ve heard good things. Multi sensor being better would depend on how you feel about its aesthetics and if you need vibration detection.

Smashing a window and prying it open may require two types of sensor. A glass break sensor and a contact sensor. I personally go with contact sensors and a motion sensor for the room.

Smart Tiles may be good for this

As to the Sensative Strips
I have fitted them to all the external doors

Can be a bit fiddly getting the magnet just so ( mine are on top of the door)

Never fell off the system, never had to go back to them… I did not have the same performance from the official Samsung door sensors

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I wouldnt use Smartthings for a standalone security system, it has security features but simply is not designed to be a fit and forget system

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