Abode Security and SmartThings via IFTTT

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OUTSTANDING EXECUTION! I am totally impressed. Got a chance to test the alarm today, and the execution times are totally impressive.

SmartThings changed to “Away” mode,
- IFTTT recipe fired within one second
- Abode started the “delayed” armed within max 2 seconds

Alarm Event:

Abode siren is fairly loud
I received the intruder alert email within 15 seconds from event
Picture of intruder was available when I opened the app to look (3 pictures were present, including this one)

This may not help the police to identify the intruder, but it certainly helps me determine if I should call the cops or not!


This is definitely promising and I will be putting it to the test next week after mine is set up.

How far away is your camera from the door?

How is the streaming video on the other camera?

I don’t have the streaming cam, too many cams around already (nest & arlo). The motion camera is about 10 feet from the door…

I’ve got a streaming cam coming with my kit. I’ll add some details on that once it gets here.

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Completely agree with you. It was meant jokingly.
I’m hoping Abode is reliable (I see that the IFTTT channel went live so mass production units should be coming soon). Kickstarter backer on that hoping for a solid product I can use. At the very least, IFTTT capability means I can communicate with other services and systems so it won’t be a total bust as long as it functions.

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Stay tuned. My Abode hub is arriving on Monday!

UPDATE: UPS lost the package and after 2 days of searching they finally found it and promised the package will be delivered today. I guess ST is not the alone with actions “stuck” in the past.


I know @JDRoberts can give you a link to of his amazing and very detailed posts on the research he did for his security system. He knows pretty much the fine print of all of the “cheaper options”. If I recall correctly, he uses SimpliSafe.

Thing to note for Scout, it plays nice with Nest. Home and Away when you lock your place = instant savings.

Let us know how you like it. Looks like they don’t support Smoke/CO yet, or have a pinpad. It mentions zWave support but I can’t see how it will work with our ST zwave/zigbee devices since they are already paired with the hub. (would have to be through IFTTT). I have been strongly discouraged with SimpliSafe’s lack of innovation, but now that there is integration between ST and SS, it’s making up for it.

Will do. BTW, is true they don’t cover smoke at this time, but they do have a very nice multi-functional pinpad that is also NFC reader so you can swipe your phone or fob to disarm…

The problem with that approach with the Pinpad is, I don’t want to have to give out a fob or have a guest download the app to disarm the alarm. This is where Code’s come in handy…

You don’t, it’s a physical pinpad on steroids…lol

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I will be very eager to hear how it turns out. The good thing about SimpliSafe is that it’s contract-free and I can drop it at anytime and re-sell my equipment (which I would do if I found a cheaper alarm company OR one that integrates with Smartthings and removes the need for me to have double door sensors/motion, etc.).

Same here, do you know when you’re getting it?

Same with Abode :-)…What I really like is the “on demand” monitoring. You use them when you need it, even for couple of days. Say you go out of town. You have them watch your home so you don’t have to. Hope will play nice with SmartThings and that Abode actually delivers what they said they will, unlike others :wink:

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No update yet. I’ll be sure to post on here once I know

Got it today! Installed in 3 minutes. I am very impressed…will continue to tinker. But the system is awesome.

I have not received any shipping info on mine yet. I got excited when I saw one come in yesterday, but it was for another project (a rare one delivering on time!)

Outstanding product! Incredible fresh UI and plug and play experience. It seems they have a long way to polish the official launch - there isn’t any documentation, but is a pretty intuitive system. It certainly fills the ST gap. The keypad and the motion cam are great!

Are you using it with IFTTT?
If so, is it working well?
My goal is to integrate it with ST via IFTTT on a small scale.

Yesssss! Very responsive using ST virtual switches.Too bad they don’t have triggers for the 3 modes, just for ‘alarm activated’ but at least they have them as ‘actions’. Have set up 3 virtual switches on ST for each mode, which basically controls Abode.

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