New user recommendations


I am looking into integrating ST into my home and would love some input/recommendations on what to purchase. Here’s are the things I’m trying to accomplish:

  1. Already decided to wait for hub v2 to purchase
  2. I love the idea of Ring Doorbell but would like to avoid buying it since I need an outdoor cam as well. Does anyone recommend an HD outdoor camera that will record to my NAS as well as notify me when motion is detected? I was looking at the samsung SNH-E6440BN but it’s $$$. I need something that tells me who’s outside the door. Hope that v2 bring live streaming integration. I would like to purchase this ASAP, before v2 comes out.
  3. I will need 2 motion sensors
  4. 3 Entry door sensors
  5. 9-10 window sensors
  6. Siren
  7. 6-8 switches to start the project
  8. Deadbolt smart lock
  9. I have a few iPads that will be used as dedicated controllers.

Any advice or recommendation is appreciated.

(Greg) #2
  1. PEQ Motions
  2. Aeon recessed Gen 5
  3. Utilitech Siren
  4. Schlage

I have all of them and they all work well.

EDIT - I numbered my answers to match your numbers but the forum renumbered them. So I redid it with blanks


forgot to add that I’ll need two thermostats


thx greg
are you using any outdoor cams?

(Greg) #5

nope. I have drop cam and it is indoors.

If I were to buy an outdoor camera I would look at arlo - but it’s not integrated with ST if that matters to you

(Tim Slagle) #6

Aeon Gen 5

PEQ/Smartthings smart switches

PEQ or STs


STs multis/Open/Close sensors.

It will

My recomndation is to stick to zigbee as much as possible. much faster communication to the hub and more reliable IMO.


I guess most important thing is the outdoor cams. Any smart cams that will most likely be integrated with v2? I was thinking samsung cams since they own ST


I know it’s difficult, but if you’re waiting for the version two hub, I would wait to make device selections for those devices that only work with the hub until you can actually buy the hub. That way you’ll have more options and be more up-to-date. It’s also possible that the hub will be sold in starter kits that include some devices.

As far as cameras go, smartthings keeps talking about camera integration, but hasn’t done any yet. The only specific brands that have been mentioned are dropcam and fosmax. that’s no guarantee those integrations will ever get done, of course. Other community members can speak to their current camera experiences.

Regarding zigbee vs zwave, both are mesh protocols. Zigbee overlaps slightly with the Wi-Fi band and old-style cordless phones. Z wave overlaps with old-style baby monitors. I personally tend to use Z wave inside a house because of the potential, although rare, Wi-Fi/zigbee issue. (Mostly I just hate debugging for Wi-Fi interference.)

Outdoors, zigbee tends to be somewhat better in the rain, so most outdoor sensors are zigbee anyway. Zigbee used to have somewhat better battery life, another reason for its use in the outdoor installations, but the new Z wave plus devices have improved their battery draw significantly, so they’re at least even now.

But again, I would wait until hub two was actually available to make end device decisions for any devices you’re not going to deploy immediately. For example, if hub two turns out to be a zwave plus controller, that would give you significantly more range with Zwave plus end devices.

Just my own feeling, but I’m one of those who puts a lot of thought into individual device selection, including in terms of energy efficiency. I was formerly a network engineer, so I like to look at the installation as a whole. And I can’t do that until we have real specs on the second-generation hub.


I’m a network engineer too and have a programming background so not really worried about troubleshooting or integration. The only thing I wanted to buy now is the cameras and will definitely wait for v2 to come out to purchase other things.

thank you


Yeah, I’m in a wheelchair now with limited hand function, so troubleshooting is a whole different thing. A lot of telling other people “The one on your right. Your other right.” :wink:

(Tim Slagle) #11

No… your other other right. :wink:


Seriously, my service dog knows right and left better than a lot of my personal aides, including the ones who have English as their first language. :arrow_left:️:dog::arrow_right:


Anyone using foscam FI9805P? how far does the integration with ST go?
I would like to have it pop up a pic of who’s standing at the door on my phone/tablet as well as record to NAS

(Keith Croshaw) #14

My two cents on the deadbolt. I like my Kwickset because it actuates the bolt So when my hands are full I don’t have to turn anything. Unless that Schlage is different from the ones I’ve seen.

I like my Aeon door contact sensor.

Not in love with my Aeon multi-sensor. (big offsets) but the motion detection is spot on.

(John S) #15

I’m doing my new house full out with stuff. Depending on the size of your house, you might want more motion sensors. I have 7 inside now, and they really are wonderful for making lighting happen the right way. One per room, or area, for sure.

Also, switches. I’m using the zwave stuff Evolve LRM-AS (have 12 installed so far, might go to 18) because, honestly, being able to turn stuff off and on is kinda the magic.

You’ll want contact sensors for all doors (including the one with the lock - I have three kwicksets they are working great) so your house can lock itself up when the doors are shut.

Thermostats - using a basic 2gig CT100 Z-Wave Programmable Thermostat and a Nest (2 zone heating here)

Get yourself one or more minimotes for easy push button control.

(Tim Slagle) #16

don’t they all do this?

(Keith Croshaw) #17

The Schlage in question might actuate it for you, but I’ve seen some where it just allows the bolt to be manually actuated after “unlocking”.


There are differents types of smart deadbolts.

  1. unlocks the deadbolt, allowing the person to manually turn a knob to retract the bolt.
  1. unlocks the deadbolt and retracts it. Often called a “motorized deadbolt.”

  1. unlocks the deadbolt, retracts it, and also retracts the door latch. Often called an “automatic door.” This the kind used by automatic door opener, since the door cannot open until both deadbolt and latch are retracted.

Usually cost increases with each function. I know Schlage and Yale make all 3 kinds, I’m not sure about Kwikset.

Office door locks with security cards work the same way. Some simply unlock it, but the person still has to turn the knob or depress a lever handle to retract the latch and actually open the door. Others retract both bolt and latch so you can just push the door open.

As a quad, you get really familiar with these details, since the lock that does both the bolt and the latch is easy to push open with a wheelchair, where a lock that just does the bolt but leaves the door latched still requires hand function to open.

So I think it just depends on the specific model that you have.

(Keith Croshaw) #19

Nice post, plus another two cents of mine. I’ve seen some complaints about battery life on the Kwickset, mine seems to be as expected for something moving multiple times a day on battery power.

The battery has dropped 20% in 4 months as accurate as it can be. I hear a little more of a groan since it’s dropped but the batteries are worth the convenience.

(Dav Glass) #20

I use the new Aeotech 5gen recessed door sensors & love them. Nicely hidden. Then I went with all EcoLink open/closed sensors for my windows (I have 14, so the $25 vs $50 price was the selling point). Then all ST motion inside the house with the Aeon Multi-Sensor outside. All my switches (26) are GE/Jasco in wall.

I’m also using the Yale Real Living touch screen deadbolts on my 4 exterior doors.