Need ST Developers Help: New ST Mobile Client Dashboard verses Legacy ST Mobile Client Dashboard

Dear New ST Mobile Client Developers,

I am asking for a little help. My custom Ambient Weather Station Remote Sensor DTH shows humidity values rather than temperature in the new ST client dashboard.

Since I have yet had time to convert my own home automations and other SmartApps to the new ST mobile client, I am unable to view & debug what is going off the rails in the new ST Client for my users verses what is displaying as expected in the legacy ST mobile client.

Here is a link to my Ambient Weather Station Remote Sensor DTH, could someone please look at the code and recommend what I need to add/change so that BOTH new and legacy clients will show temperature as expected?

New ST Mobile Client vs. Legacy ST Client Dashboards

Summary of the Temperature and Humidity code

tiles(scale: 2) {
        multiAttributeTile(name:"temperature", type:"generic", width:6, height:4, canChangeIcon: true) {
            tileAttribute("device.temperature", key: "PRIMARY_CONTROL") {
                                   [value: 32, color: "#153591"],
                                   [value: 44, color: "#1e9cbb"],
                                   [value: 59, color: "#90d2a7"],
                                   [value: 74, color: "#44b621"],
                                   [value: 84, color: "#f1d801"],
                                   [value: 92, color: "#d04e00"],
                                   [value: 98, color: "#bc2323"]
            tileAttribute("device.humidity", key: "SECONDARY_CONTROL") {
                attributeState("humidity", label:'${currentValue}%', unit:"%", defaultState: true)

            // Inside Sensors

you probably need to adjust the VID metadata in your DTH.

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Dear @prjct92eh2,

Thank you! That is a great website and I appreciate your help on this one…

I have seen this VID metadata tag show up in other DTH’s that I am watching/using, and I was curious as to it’s new role. Now I understand.

I’m selecting the following VID for display of the temperature and optionally the % humidity in the new ST mobile client’s dashboard, does that look right for a “weather app” display tile?

vid : "SmartThings-smartthings-SmartSense_Temp/Humidity_Sensor"
maybe just
vid: generic-temperature-measurement

I also added this tag as well, which I see quite frequently, not sure exactly it’s role:

mnmn: "SmartThings"

Do I need this tag and if so, what is it’s purpose?


As far as I can cell, OCF Metadata controls the icon in the new app. I believe both VID and mnmn are needed.

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Hello, @kurtsanders

Could you please confirm that your state events contain the scale/unit of the temperature (F or C)?

Additionally, below you’ll find the documentation necessary to migrate your implementations into the Connected platform. If you need further help to migrate your automations, SmartApps, etc, do not hesitate in tagging me.

Best regards,

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Dear @erickv,

First, thank you for taking time and interest in responding to this message thread.

Yes, the Ambient Weather Station SmartApp captures and sets the correct units of measure as displayed below in the screen capture for the weather device(s) it creates and updates.

The issue, that has been reported to me from new ST client users, is that the devices temperature value is not being shown in the new dashboard as expected (instead showing humidity) or as properly displayed in the classic client’s dashboard. I have tried to inform Ambient Weather Station app users that the new ST client platform is unsupported at this time from my development standpoint. But I know that I must accept that the ST classic platform will someday soon be removed and I do not wish to scramble to convert/upgrade my numerous apps/custom DTH’s. Hence, my decision to start the process slowly, but not update my home automations that are working perfectly in classic client/platform.

I have developed, over the past 4+ years, quite a few other widely used SmartApps/DTH’s and they function as expected for myself and many other classic ST users as designed. ST is a wonderful platform for this numerous home automations and support from ST and users top notch. I selfishly develop many SmartApps for end users in hopes that they will purchase and support ST products and services.

However, the new ST development platform still has some unique changes that I am trying to better understand and I have been trying to read the new developers documentation as well as other threads on this site concerning issues with end user developed SmartApp’s and DTH’s.

The classic development documentation was easy for me to read and locate information, examples, api, etc. For example, in the new documentation, information on the definition metadata like ‘vid’ and ‘ocfDeviceType’ seem to be either missing, or I’m not looking at the same documentation that you would like me to read.

So, any conversion help would be greatly appreciated if I am looking at the wrong development documentation. I am proficient in many development languages, O/S, db, virtual development platforms, but the new ST changes are challenging for me.

Hi, @kurtsanders

I’ve addressed this issue with our development team. If we need additional info, I’ll send you a DM.

Best regards,

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