Centralite 3310 temp/ humidity sensor

I have searched high and low trying to solve my centralite temp/ humidity access issue.

Logging into my smartthings account online I can access the devices readings (temp, humidity etc) , however in the ST app I can only see the temperature (shown on the icon itself) . I cannot click on the icon in smart things.

I have rebooted my hub and added the device multiple times even accessing the published Device handler on ST online.

Is there a handler or device setting I am missing in order to retrieve the humidity data within the ST app? It would also be beneficial if I could change the displayed value as humidity instead of temperature. thanks for your help in advance!

Are you having this issue with the new ST app, or Classic? I suspect the new app, but need to confirm w/you.

If it’s the new app, then you should be seeing both temp and humidity like this:

Unfortunately, Temp is the default with the stock ST DTH, and I’m not sure that can be changed with the way the new app works.

I’m using the new ST app. I can’t access the device details as shown in your post.
I can only see the icon, as shown below.

Since my original post I have deleted old DH and rebooted the hub, and reintegrated the device once more. Still no good.


Ok, make sure the DTH it’s using is called “SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor”. When you tap on that tile in the new app, do you get any kind of message that pops up?

Thank you for your reply. I am unable to click on tile, when I do nothing happens.

After a couple hours of trying every combination I ended up removing the ST app and installing the classic app. I now have full insights into the 3310 readings. I really don’t like the layout and functionality of the classic app but I guess I’m stuck with it now?

That’s really odd behavior, but the new app continues to surprise me on what works and what doesn’t - literally from hour to hour!

If you’re not using any custom DTH’s, then there has to be a sync issue between the 2 apps, and that does happen. Even the new app has it’s own issues showing the state of the device between the dashboard view and a Room or Tile view.

You can actually use both apps, like I do; but keep your automations, Scenes, STHM, mobile presence, etc within the new app. It will save you from confusing which app is doing doing what to your devices. I have Classic installed just to manually control devices through the app and for some of my composite devices that haven’t been fully migrated to support the new app yet, and I haven’t run into any issues. There are a few discussions in the community about the difference and running both together, so I suggest searching from them.

Let’s try something? Keep Classic installed and reinstall the new app. Within either Classic, or the new app, assign your 3310 to a Room. Toggle back and forth between the apps to make sure the device shows up in the Room in both apps (confirms at least some sync’ing is happening). Within the new app, go to that Room and tap on the 3310. What happens now?

If that doesn’t work, long press on the tile and a small menu will pop up. Tap on “Set as favorite”. Go to your Dashboard. You’ll see your Room listed, but now with the 3310 device listed as a favorite. Tap on the tile. Does anything happen?

If not, then I would recommend contacting support (through the app, or via email) and tell them your device you’ve just added is not sync’d correctly. Just make sure you don’t have any custom DTH’s for that device because they’ll tell you to use the stock handler and try again.