Changing the attribute shown for a device in the new app (show temp instead of humidity)

I’m having trouble finding a resource that I can understand on how to set up the dashboard view for the new app. I’m a slightly code literate mechanical engineer so I don’t exactly need the crayon version but I’m not the best developer out there.

What I’m tryin to do is change a DTH that is working well for temp/humidity sensors so that the dashboard shows temp instead of humidity. I would like to believe that this is an easy change but I can’t figure it out. I would love it if someone could point me to a good resource.


It is less trivial than you might imagine, but a two minute job when you know how to do it. That’s not to say that the app will honour the change immediately as it once did. There is so much caching I’ve lost track of what the current situation is.

I’ve written at obscene length on this subject several times (mainly because I can never find my old posts when I want to). I’ll see what I can find.

Here is one …

Things have changed a bit but the meat of its still correct.


Thank you! I’ll give it a go.