Get Temperature on Weather Station Tile in new v.3 App

On the new v.3 App I get humidity on the main tile for the device. In the classic app it displays the temperature. Anyway to change it? I appreciate any help.


@blake.arnold @jody.albritton, can you give some advice here? It is related to what we were talking about in the other topic related vids and ocf. Can someone update that DH in the public repo from Smartthings?

Work underway on allowing users to change capabilities displayed on the tile. Probably coming out sometime in late Dec/Jan.


We’re also aware that not all of the capabilities in the Weather Station Tile display in the new app and have work underway to get it toward parity.


Do the proposed changes apply to any tile on the dashboard? Could I for example choose to set temperature instead of activity to display on sensor tiles?

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That’s ultimately the goal we’d like to get to based on the feedback we’ve been hearing from community members. There are a few routes we can go to do that with some tradeoffs to each, so we’re weighing those decisions right now.

Is there any chance that the pressure will get a capability? There are plenty weather station integrations and the values are there, but would be nice like the temperature and humidity graphs to be handled.

Hello there :slight_smile:
Any updates?

I like the new detail interface we got in v.3 app over the weekend but I was disappointed in the Weather Station tile still showing humidity other than temperature.

Any update on this?


Update please

Blake, any update on getting the Weather Tile more towards parity in the new app?

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Hopefully COVID isn’t hampering this process. We are all trying to be patient with this exciting update.

I guess this change got lost since it has been 6 months and still no update. Is this change harder than what it looks? Can we please get a status on the change?

It’s just such a pain to have to click on the tile to see the temp when in the Classic App it was right on the tile. IMHO this is needs fixed right away in the New App. We want the temperature reading and not the humidity!

looks like it’s still a work in progress. Some changes went in the end of march, but were then reverted.

That commit was interesting, but it doesn’t seems to resolve the tile issue. It adds the custom capabilities for the device, but looks not so clear how it would work with other devices.

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The Weather Station problem for the v.3 App has been fixed. Instead of the Humidity being displayed on the tile the temperature is now there. Hooray!! I am on Adroid 9 with SmartThings v. 1.7.50-21

The bad news are my other tiles for temperatures/thermostats are still displaying humidity and I don’t see a way to change that. Progress made. Thanks developers. :wink:

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@Automated_House, it has been re-reverted…

Smart Weather Station Tile Device (add using IDE)

Otherwise, someone should check those UX plugins, the current UV index hasn’t got a working histogram, most possibly due to the bug, when no units used, then the histogram is not populated. (Even that 255 as max value is a bit of overkill for UV Index.)

@Brad_ST, @jody.albritton could you pass this to the UX experts?

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Phone with Android 9 shows temperature, tablet with Android 7 shows % humidity.

the device plugin on the Android 7 device probably hasn’t updated

So, the re-revert has been done, but I cannot see any update since in the app.

@dckirker, are these custom capabilities working?

    capability "stsmartweather.windSpeed" // "Wind Speed" only supports m/s unit, however we want to create both events
    capability "stsmartweather.windDirection"
    capability "stsmartweather.apparentTemperature"
    capability "stsmartweather.astronomicalData"
    capability "stsmartweather.precipitation"
    capability "stsmartweather.ultravioletDescription"
    capability "stsmartweather.weatherAlert"
    capability "stsmartweather.weatherForecast"
    capability "stsmartweather.weatherSummary"  

Or has this project been ditched since the Weather Channel thingy is displayed in the app?

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