Need some help with a couple of devices (Linear GD00Z, Econet EBV105)

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a couple of devices that I have some questions about. I reached out to each company’s respective support department (and even over social media) but in each case, well, let’s just say they haven’t been very supportive. :unamused: Anyway, I’m hoping the community can give me some pointers.

The first device in question is a Linear garage door opener, GD00Z-1 (branded Iris). I’m using @Ron’s device type and everything is working well with it. My question, which support decided to not even acknowledge I asked, is why am I not seeing the opening/closing statuses when I open/close the garage door from the original remotes. It only seems to report the opening/closing statues when an open/close event is triggered from the z-wave controller. I did some debugging from the device type, and I never saw it ever show the opening/closing statuses come through when using the original remotes, but maybe I’m missing something? If anyone else has dug into this, and can confirm what I’m seeing, that would be helpful since apparently Linear doesn’t want to answer me/comment on my request to have this updated. I do realize that a potential option is to replace the tilt sensor with another one, but I was hoping to not have to do that if possible.

The second device I’m having an issue with is an EcoNet controls Z-Wave water shut off (EBV105). It’s an older variety black colored one that I purchased on eBay (it was unused). It paired fine with the hub and moves as expected. My problem is that it is unable to fully close the valve I put it on. I’m trying to install it on a 3/4" valve on a vertical installation. It gets about 99% closed, then starts struggling. I should note that it can open the valve just fine. It looks like I’m not the only one with this problem: I theorized that it was an arm angle issue since I had bent the bracket slightly while trying to tighten it to the pipe, and I pulled everything off/straightened the bracket as best I could. Before I go to re-install, I wanted some confirmation that others have gotten this to work in a similar setup and that it’s not something like the Amazon review where the theory is the motor just can’t handle it.

Thanks in advance for any advice, pointers, tips, or answers anyone can provide. :smiley:

(I moved this to project so you can get individual responses and because you included devices from two different device classes in one thread. Hopefully people will have some answers for you. :sunglasses:)

regarding the linear, what’s the brand and model of the actual garage door opener mechanism and the original remote? The GD 00Z is essentially just an alternative remote. It doesn’t get activated just because the garage door is activated. Since it doesn’t have any awareness of that activity, it can’t update your status. That’s why you need a tilt sensor to report that the door is moving.

Opening and Closing happen internally in the code when you press the button to let you know your button pressed happened. It’s feedback to let you know the screen press worked. The GD00Z doesn’t send an “opening” or “closing” event that I am aware of. It only sends the status after it changes “opened” “closed”. I hope this makes sense if not ask away and I will try to explain further. Basically it is working as expected.

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Thanks @JDRoberts! As mentioned, getting help with these two things has been tough to come by, so I appreciate you moving this to an area that will hopefully get it in front of more eyeballs.

@Ron, from my testing, where I put a message in the debug on this statement: switch (cmd.barrierState) I notied that the barrierState is indeed different (barrierState is just a number) when in opening/closing status when triggered from the app, but those states don’t come across when triggered from the original remotes. If I understand how the tilt sensor works on the GD00Z branded openers, the sensor is “passive”, which I think means it reports as little information as possible. My guess is Linear made it so it only triggered those opening/closing statuses when the z-wave controller activated, otherwise, it just reports the open/close status. I know @RBoy has a paid version of the device type for this controller, and might have even gotten through to Linear’s support, so maybe he has some knowledge about those states and when they are triggered/not triggered.

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The sensor reports to states. Open and close. I don’t think it detects the
motion and reports it. Honestly I don’t see why you think this is an issue.
Why do you want the opening and closing status when using the remote. You
can’t use these statuses in any smart app as I don’t think they are part of
the API and I really can’t think of a use anyway. I have used this opener
for over a year and never noticed this “issue”. I would be interested in
knowing what you planned to use this state for.

I doubt rboy has these statues given the way the device works but he
doesn’t share the changes he makes to our code so I can’t say for sure. I
refuse to pay for code that was largely written by myself and other open
source developers on this community so I have never seen his code. I will
say he does put a lot of effort into improving the code and is a strong
advocate for our quest to get smart things to improve their process. That
makes me somewhat less irritated that my code and the code of others is
being resold. I have mixed feelings. This was a highly debated issue a few
years ago but people seem to have accepted it now. If you purchase his
version I would be interested in your honest opinion of the improvements.

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That’s correct. That is a limitation of how it works. We have that in our lab too. The trick I found to getting it to work is to adjust the little screw and nuts. Here is the issue when it gets close to the end the way the mechanism is designed it starts to lose traction right at the end. So the answer was to adjust the screw and nut position so that it reaches the full closed just before it hits the end and then it’ll stutter a bit and finally shut off. I’ll post a video next time I get a chance.

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@Ron the reason I would like the closing status (could really care less about the opening status) is because I have a smart app that checks whether a door is open when another door is closed. I thought it would be nice to check the status of the other door while the garage door was closing as opposed to when we were at the end of the driveway and the door finally closed. Since we have the garage door remotes in our vehicles, they are just super convenient to use for opening/closing. So, this was more just about double checking that what I was seeing was really the case and that I hadn’t missed something as opposed to there being a problem. As a full time developer, but new to groovy/Smartthings, I know that it can be real easy to miss something obvious, especially when you are learning a new language/architecture. It sounds like this is just a limitation, and that’s fine. I can now decide if I want to leave it the way it is, or dream up/invest in a different solution.

@RBoy thanks for the confirmation about the valve! A video sounds SUPER helpful and would be very much appreciated! My schedule is packed at the moment, so I’m not in any rush on this. Whenever you can get to the video would be fine with me. :smiley:

For the record, I’ve gotten more info from these responses thus far than I received from my repeated attempts to get answers from the respective companies support teams. All that info, and much quicker too! This very active community was a major selling point when I was choosing a home automation system, and I thank all of you for really hammering home that I made the right decision!


@RBoy just a friendly reminder that if you get a chance to post the video of the EBV105 setup with adjustments that would be great! As a father of two small kids, I know how things can get pushed back (and sometimes forgotten) so no big deal if you haven’t had a chance to do work on it yet. I just have some free time coming up this week (and some help too!) so I figured I’d check in.

Hey sorry, slipped my mind. We’ve been back to back with user requests here. I accidentally deleted the original video I had taken so I whipped up this quick one showing the positioning of the screws which allowed me to find the balance between closing the flow and not having it stutter. It isn’t perfect but it works with a little elbow grease and tweaking (both position of screw and position of motor on top of the handle center, off center just a tad helps (a little south of the center).

The forum won’t let me upload a video anymore so here’s the link:

Thanks so much for the video! I had the arm centered last time, so I’ll try the offset like you have in the video. A quick follow up, I noticed that the rubber on the handle had been removed where you had the screws. Was this on purpose to help with it getting traction?

:)) no. We were trying different models of valve operators and needed to file off the handle just a bit for one of them. The rubber just ripped out, need a new one :slight_smile:

Got it installed today following the offset provided in your video and I’m happy to report that it worked like a charm! :grinning: Thanks so much for your help!

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@abcvalenti @Ron actually that is incorrect. The GD00Z is a weird device. It does send opening and closing but only when the open and close commands are sent via zwave, that isn’t don’t by the software. However when the button on the pressed on the wall it does not send opening and closing. The reason is like this when it is requested to open or close via software it is initiating the movement of the garage door, hence it will respond with a z wave barrier command. This is also linked to a potential defect in the firmware where it randomly sends the barrier command for opening and closing during certain conditions (I will not elaborate here as it is still being investigated and reported to the manufacturer). However when operated by the button the controller has no way to tell if the door is being opened or closed since the sensor has only 2 positions open or closed.
Thus to summarize yes it does send opening and closing barrier commands but only when operated via zwave. You can easily verify this. Disconnect the power supply and send the open or close command via the ST app and you won’t see a barrier response saying opening or closing.

Thanks for correcting me @RBoy I was working from memory but you are correct that the device sends the code but only when it was issued the zwave open. So it’s really the devices saying “Issued the open, opening now” and then when the sensor updates to “open” you know it’s done. But it works out the same. When the manual open is issued the GD00Z has no way to know that happened since you pressed a button which told the opener to open and the GZ00Z isn’t involved yet. It knows about the change only when the sensor sends the change in position so I see no way to fix that.

Interesting about the firmware bug. Sounds interesting but I haven’t experienced any issues so maybe I have an older firmware with the bug or something.