V2 hub and linear garage door opener gd00z-4

I have a v2 hub but haven’t switched over yet because I am trying to figure out the functionality of my garage door opener will be. I just want to be able to monitor whether it is open or closed from wherever I happen to be and close it if I accidentally left it open. It is the linear garage door opener gd00z-4. Thanks

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Stay tuned. Updates coming:)

I can’t see why you wouldn’t be able to, I can with my setup (myq and tilt sensor). I think the issue is right now that you can’t see them as one device, they appear as two.

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I use that garage door works fine in v2

Thank you, that answers my question. I didn’t want to connect the v2 hub until i knew my z-wave opener that i currently have works with this new hub.

So are you saying i should wait or can i initialize my v2 hub and implement new options as they come out?

[quote=“ram897, post:6, topic:24010”]
can i initialize my v2 hub and implement new options as they come out?
[/quote]That. For example, the garage door zwave device you have works fine, but there isn’t a “doors” area in the dashboard for v2, and the one spot that does talk about controlling a garage door won’t show your perfectly valid garage door yet :stuck_out_tongue: but you can see its state and open/close it just fine using the device page for it in the v2 app. So go for it.

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Talking about garage opener, whats the probability of it opens by “Itself”?
I mean, we see some devices not working as they should, is that very likely or is more probable that it does not open when we want than the oposite case?

Strictly conjecture: Opening of it’s own accord is probably VERY rare, but opening extremely delayed in the case where a user hits a button 20 times, it doesn’t work, and then an hour later those commands finally get pushed? I think it’s a possibility. Maybe others more familiar with the architecture can comment.

I do think security related commands that don’t make a certain timeline should be “trashed”, but I’m not sure what the timeline should be, and certainly more thought should be put into that. Maybe they are already by design, I’m no expert here.

Hi Tim, I realize this is an old thread, but I’ve never seen any response. Are there any solutions?