Gd00z-04 Offline

Hi folks,

My Linear garage door opener (gd00z-04) stopped working out of the blue on Wednesday night. The IDE says its status is “offline.” As you might expect for an offline device, it does not correctly report the door’s status, and it does not respond when commanded to open/close. I’ve replaced the battery on the sensor and I’ve unplugged and replugged the device. Any thoughts on how I can get it to reconnect?


Exclude the device and re pair it with the hub. Ensure that another active repeater/mains powered Z-Wave device is within 30ft of this device. It has limited range. You can also turn the angle of the device on the mount which changes the antenna orientation and that often helps with signal range issues.

Thanks. I’ll try this in the morning.

If I don’t remove the device from within the SmartThings app before excluding it and then I re-include it, do you know if it will still work with the existing smart apps?

When you exclude it it’s automatically removed from all SmartApps. You will need to re add it when it’s paired again

This turned out to be an interesting (and annoying) day.

I recently had a Jasco Z-wave switch in my garage fail on me. It was one of the first z-wave devices I added to my network, so naturally it was the repeater node that my garage door controller, my Schlage lock, my Aeon multi sensor, and a mono price recessed contact sensor all used to join my network. When I replaced it with a new Zooz ZEN21 switch, the four devices that were hanging off the original switch disappeared (although oddly it took a few days for this to happen).

Getting the lock and the garage door controller back on the network was a huge pain in the butt. Both of these devices use security and encryption protocols, and they wouldn’t use NWI to join the network. They would only exchange keys with the hub if the hub were the closest z-wave device to them. I had to cut new Cat5e cables to run from my closest network drop out into the garage. Even then, the look took about 5 tries before it would rejoin. Eventually, I got them all back. But also I had to re-build all the smart apps I had.


I expect someone will tell me that if I had just used the “replace device” option for replacing Z-wave switches in the first place, I could have avoided all this hassle. IIRC, I tried, but the switch would never respond in the first place which is why I replaced it.

That was a “fun” afternoon.