Need Reliable Tilt Sensor

I am having a huge amount of problems with my Ecolink tilt sensors. They sometimes don’t change status and the battery just shows - - or no status. Is there another brand that is reliable?

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The solid state sensors (i.e., 3-axis) from SmartThings must be relatively more reliable. But expensive…?

My ST multisensor that came with my v1 hub that I bought in early 2014 is still going strong. No issues and battery lasts a long time.


Are these the older ecolink tilt or the newer zwave plus ecolink tilt?

Out of 5 ecolink tilts only one started to occasionally get stuck, I think the ball in can would get stuck. It happened rarely, but wanted reliability so I threw it out.

The remaining 4 have been reliable, always reading the correct open/closed and the batteries last much longer than the zigbee sensors with really small batteries.

SmartThings multi-purpose sensors in the house have been reliable for me, but NOT reliable in the garage. Only zwave seems to work in garage. Even after installing an iris plugin outlet in the garage ceiling to strengthen the mesh.

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I think it is this one TILTZWAVE2-ECO I am not sure is this in Z-Wave Plus or not. I am not sure what to do next. Maybe try to use a Z-Wave plus door open/close sensor.

I had very good luck with

connected to a contact sensor.

If you don’t mind soldering,

is an option.

How about more details?

$20 for the SmartThings multi sensor is going to be hard to beat IMO

Jimmy, I heard that that sensor loses connection to the HUB often. But where is it for sale for $20.00? Also is it the latest model?

Its $20 everywhere it is sold. Connection reliability is going to depend on your Zigbee mesh at the location it is installed.

Does this have tilt or just vibration? There is no place to mount the magnet?

it has contact, tilt/accelerometer, temperature and battery.

The only one I see for $20.00 is the new oval version. Is that the one? It doesn’t say anything about tilt.

yes. tilt is just one axis of the 3-axis sensor.

Then can it lay flat on the door, or do I have to built a mount?

stick it to the door with the included double sided tape

Is this the one Multi Purpose Sensor

that’s the one

Thanks, will order that. Shame that I have to set up all my apps again as there isn’t a replace command from Z-Wave to Zigbee.

Sorry, I am a little late but:

Here is what I have on my mail slot.

The sensor itself is in yellow shrink tubing. The Dome has a reed contact; and so, I soldered wires in parallel. Two years and counting…