Need Reliable Tilt Sensor

Thanks, that helps. I was looking at the reviews for the SmartThings MultiSensor and they didn’t give it to good a review. So back to this or Z-Wave tilt again.

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Just in case you do go this route, I should mention one thing.
I use the Dome with Homeseer and don’t remember how it looked when connected to ST. But with Homeseer, the device exposes 2 sensors (Sensor Binary and Access Control Notification). For some strange reason, the Sensor Binary can often be wrong but the accuracy of the other is always perfect.

I also have Neo Door/Window sensors in several very similar setups. And the Neos, which look and feel like taken from the same bucket, don’t seem to have this problem and so far, proven to be stable and accurate. However, my experience with the Neos is about 6 months.

The Monoprice Garage Door sensor has worked reliably for me. They are ridiculously huge though.

Aren’t they just an unbranded first gen Echolink?

Can I ask what you’re trying to measure tilt on? Just curious.

My garage door. I have an EchoLink and it fails often.

Thanks. So why not just use a cheap standard door sensor where the building holds the main part and the sensor/magnet is on the door? As soon as the door moves more than about 6 inches it should register as open, right? I had one of the wired versions installed on my old house’s alarm system, worked fine. Again, just wondering why tilt is better than a regular open/close sensor. That being said, my GoControl garage door sensor is also tilt.

I haven’t found the Go-Control one, does it run local? Also a normal magnetic sensor can’t be mounted with out elaborate mounts as the track is in the way on the sides and at the top a special seal would break it off.

The GoControl tilt isn’t even listed on their site.

It looks like the gocontrol sensor is dedicated to the main controller and uses some 345mhz frequency to talk to it. See the 4th pic in the Amazon link:

It seems to be this product:

But I think it would require some other “panel” as mentioned to work.

I suppose going with the GoControl or other door opener with a tilt sensor would work. My GoControl seems to work fine though I had to McGyver it to work with my MyQ enabled garage door opener due to the proprietary MyQ circuit required to close the circuit on the contacts. But I hate proprietary stuff and love to mess about with things.

I built my own garage door controller, and it works great. But like I said the tilt sensor is unreliable. trying to think of a way to mount a normal open close sensor.

OK I decided on a IRIS open/close sensor. Installed it and it works perfectly. I will post picture later.

That should do it!

It works great, and runs local. All so faster response time than Echolink tilt.

I’m currently using the Multipurpose sensor for my garage doors and it works fine. Ill update if anything happens.

Purchase 3 sensors and get 10% off the order Or purchase 5 sensors and get 15% off the order.

So far my setup is working flawlessly.

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