EcoLink Z-Wave Tilt Sensor - $15 on Amazon - Has external input terminal also

So I wanted to add a couple of these tilt sensors as a cheap physical → Zwave conversion for some contact sensors since they have a little terminal inside to take external input. I ordered 3 of them:

And they list as the Z-Wave version, model TILT-ZWAVE2-ECO. Get the sensors and the box says ZWave Plus. Open one of them and sure enough it’s a TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO model. Try to order more, they have a 4 item limit so I get one more. It’s also Z-wave plus. Have my wife order 4. All 4 she receives also Z-Wave Plus.

So not saying you will get the newer Z-Wave Plus model but if you need to convert something from a physical contact closure to a Z-Wave one $15 ain’t bad. And if you get the Plus version then even better.


Thanks, I just ordered a couple as the two I have now from monoprice have been flaking out for a while. It actually says in the description that they are Z-Wave plus, but it almost seems like it’s the description from the newer model. We’ll see what I get.

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Do these report temperature?

Nope, just a simple tilt sensor that you can break off the tilt sensor from and use it for external contacts. It also uses the generic Z-Wave contact DTH and runs locally.

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Cool I ordered 2 and they will be delivered this afternoon. I will report back if I also get the 2.5 Plus version.

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Mine arrived today. I got the TILT-ZWAVE2.5-ECO (Z-wave plus) version.

Is there an Edge Driver for this?

It’s a very basic z-wave device. It’ll have a driver if it doesn’t already. Most likely the stock zwave-sensor driver.

@phil, for this device, would it be possible to change the mode that is displayed from Open/Close to Armed/Disarmed. The reason I asked is because, since it can have external leads I can use it for my security system to indicate when it is Armed or Disarmed. I did this using Monoprice Open/Close sensors with DTH’s modified to display this. I am asking if Edge Drivers can be similarly modified.

You can definitely do that with Edge. I think the default handlers would let these masquerade as water leak, smoke, or carbon monoxide with minimal effort, but Armed/Disarmed isn’t an option that will be covered in the stock driver or the default handlers so it would take a bit of work.

Do you have your DTH with Armed/Disarmed status working in the new app? If not, then the first step would be to either identify a stock capability that fits your needs or create a custom capability, since everything in the new app works off of capabilities.

The driver would mostly be assembled by copying the default z-wave handlers from the ST Lua libraries and doing some light editing to switch the contactSensor capability for the one you’re using (or add your capability while keeping contactSensor - it’s smart to keep a “normal” capability as part of the device to let you integrate with Alexa/Google). Not tough, except for the learning curve in getting used to how things work in Lua.

I haven’t looked into it too much yet but I’m going to have to change some of mine away from being a standard contact sensor also. I am using one with a Kidde smoke detector relay, one with a Kidde CO detector relay, four for glass breakage sensors, and one for garage heater status.

Just got mine and I don’t see a model number on the box but it does have the Zwave Plus logo!

Does anyone know if the mounting plates on these match the older non-plus ones? I could probably justify swapping out my older pair at this price.

I don’t know if the mounting plates match the older ones., but these come with mounting plates too. So you can also swap out the mounting plates if they don’t match.

fyi… these are also compatable with ring alarm.

Just got mine and they are z-wave plus. Installed one alongside the Monoprice one and updated my automations so will see how they compare. I also just looked in the IDE and realized both the old and new are going through a crazy path signal wise, so that may be the problem. I just can’t wrap my head around why it would choose such a long path, but we’ll see what happens.

I had random zigbee issues like that (slowness, wierd paths, etc) and I ended up buying a bunch of SmartThings zigbee Outlets to use as repeaters. I have one on either side of my first floor, one centrally located on the second floor and one in my garage. Haven’t had issues since.