Need help with new samsung multi purpose sensor

The battery on my new generation (2018) multipurpose sensor died after a few months. Then I broke the clip when I when I went to replace it. They break easily. I had been using it as a tilt sensor for my garage door. Today I purchased a new Samsung Multi Purpose sensor at Best Buy. It is discovered during setup but then during setup it does not ask me if I am using it for a garage door like it did the last time I set one up. Then after it is set up it doesn’t seem to work as a contact sensor either. When I go to settings the settings options are shown in Chinese (I guess that’s what it is). I hope I have explained this well enough. Does anyone know how I get it to work? Thanks!

Korean :slight_smile: anyway, others have reported similar issues but don’t believe there is a resolution. You can login to IDE, go to Devices and update the device which helps for a bit but it usually reverts back at some point.

do report it to ST support.

Well this is a ridiculously stupid problem. Add this to my other many ridiculously stupid problems I have had with SmartThings over the last 3 years. I can’t believe I didn’t give up on Smartthings a couple of years ago and continued to invest my time keeping things working which was also ridiculously stupid.