Smarthings multi purpose door sensors corrupted.?

I noticed all my door sensors showed as disconnected but only when I turned on device health.
When I looked at the device handler part of it is in a foreign language. See picture.

Any suggestions?
Should I just remove them all and re install them?

mine showed disconnected when device health was active as well, turn it off and they come back online, I didn’t get the Chinese writing though.

I now have the beta version of the ST firmware (0.28) and this has stopped the device health issue.

Have you copied the Chinese text into a translator to see what it says (more out of curiosity).

I have the same foreign language in all my samsung multipurpose sensor, but I didn’t saw them disconnected… 2 out of 4 gave me low battery and I change 1 battery but I still have the black dot on the sensor in the app!!!

I have the same Chinese language on 4 of my Multi purpose sensors, 2 old version, 2 new. It just started in last few days. They are working fine, but clearly something has changed to cause this. I contacted support who is looking into this