Sensor displaying in Korean

Saw this in the subreddit as well. Just had to put a battery in a sensor and I got the same thing. But I’m using the classic app and was editing a ST motion sensor (2nd gen I think…one of the ones with the off center eye). And when I hit edit it showed up in Korean. This is on a v2 hub, classic app, on an iPhone Xs

for the subreddit thread as well.

I believe they are working on getting settings working in the new app and this might be a side affect. @tpmanley thoughts?

@KevinH what version of the Classic app do you have? I’ve checked a few different phones/versions and haven’t seen this behavior yet.

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Far as I know fully up to date. App says, 2.17.1 (1442) . iPhone Xs, American (US English) localization settings and keyboard. And as usual you have permission to look at account if needed.

What I did was pulled and replaced battery in that sensor since it was offline (hub reboot was required but thats beside the point). One thing I’ve found to help sometimes is to edit the device in the app and rename it to kinda force an update. Well first time I went into the edit on that sensor it showed korean. Then I hit back, and hit the cog again and it refreshed to english. I dont think ive seen it since…kinda in a blur cause been working on other things. But as far as I can tell those were the steps I did.

Thanks Kevin.

I was able to reproduce it with 2.17.1 on an iPhone. It took editing the device a couple times.


I get this with the Android app also. I had posted about it in another thread and was pointed to this one.

Looks like my thread was deleted but @jkp suggested that opening the device in the ide (>Edit>Update) might solve the issue. It works. I went through about 30 multi sensors and did this and the issue is gone for now.

Edit: My thread was not deleted, it was moved to Smartthings Clients section.

After fixing the issue using @jkp suggestion of going to the ide Device > Edit > Save, the Korean language returns after some time. In my case it was over night.

@Brad_ST too,.

Got the same issue yesterday while removing and adding back a sensor. As i use it for garage door I went to the setting and it was in english. Once changed, Exit setting, when I came back, it was in Korean. Changing the setting again and saving. It was back to english. Changed again, back to Korean. Etc.

I am on Android 10 and classic app 2.17.0 build 448328.

it works right on the new app :grin:

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