Smart Lighting Issue

Hi All,

Need some help or thoughts please. Been using ST for some time now, and recently my Smart Lighting Automation for my porch light seems to be ignoring the settings.

All was fine until about a month ago, when I realise my porch light was on when I came home in the day. I had it set to pick up my phone as a presence sensor for when I was arriving home, but only to trigger from Sunset to Sunrise + 5 mins.

I checked the automation and it hasn’t changed. So today I set it to only trigger between certain times (8pm-7am) rather than sunset to Sunrise.

I came home at lunchtime and it was on again. I checked the notifications in the ST app, and it triggered because it knew I was arriving.

Does anyone know why the Smart Lighting Smart App is ignoring the settings under ‘More Options’?

Has there been an update or anything recently to this Smart App?


You might have conflicting automations. There is a Smart Lighting automation and a Routine set to turn the front porch light on. I would try removing the Routine and seeing if that helps. would also be happy to help.

One thing I would love to see is when a device is used in a routine. It should be listed under smartapps inside a device detail. This will definitely makes thing easier for @DMN1981 to troubleshoot.

Hmm, the devices Routine name should be listed under SmartApps for the device. If you add Soffit 5 Hue to a Routine, does it not show the Routine name under SmartApps on the device details?

I occasionally see these kinds of things. Usually I just re-save the offending App or Routine and the problem goes away…

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Hi Andy,

That was my next step. I’ve deleted the automaton, set it up again, yet is still comes on when arriving home during the day time… :frowning:

Any other thoughts?