Nest camera movement event triggered by light turning off

Hello! I’ve set up a real simple automation that is triggered when my Nest doorbell fires a Motion detected event, which simply triggers a smart light switch to turn on, which is set to Auto turn off after n number of minutes. The problem that I’m having is that the motion event is being triggered by the light itself turning off, thus triggering the light to turn back on and effectively creating a loop.

Unfortunately Nest doesn’t have a Motion ended event, which seems to be how most folks are linking movement to lights.

I’m new to using ST for integrations, but the interface is simple enough. I’m not seeing a way to add some custom logic to a routine.

Curious if anyone has any insights or ideas here, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I remember having that issue back when I had a Ring Doorbell. I believe I resolved it by adding an additional trigger - If light is off and stays off for 1 minute. that way, when the ring detects motion, the routine would not run if the light had not been off for at least a minute. You can play with the time according to your needs… less time or more. But it does solve the problem when the ring doorbell registers motion due to the light being turned off and giving you that loop.

I am sure other can offer you better solutions :slight_smile:


Can you exclude the lighted area from the activity zone in the Nest app? I do that with other motion cameras that can pick up lights and false trigger.

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Ah, interesting! I didn’t realize that lights had a duration condition, I’ll have to give that a shot thanks!

Indeed I thought about that! Unfortunately the light in question for me is basically right above the doorbell, so it lights up most of the visible area, at least the close up stuff you’d care about.

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Like @jkp said, add a precondition that the light has been off for 30 seconds or similar.