Need help with moving Leviton switch to ST

I am having some problems trying to include my Leviton switch to my ST hub. It was previously included on another zwave hub. I successfully excluded it from the other hub, I did the air gap reset method and the LED is orange. I called Leviton to confirm that the switch is in fact properly reset and in pairing mode yet it wont pair with Smarthings hub.

The switch is in the same room as the hub, only about 10’ away. I have had 2 other zwave hubs in the same location and paired devices from farther away and everything has paired flawlessly.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out here from the beginning. Talk to me like I’m 8. :slight_smile: How do I pair after performing a factory reset. What color is the LED supposed to be when in pairing mode after a factory reset?

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated too.


It should flash red, when excluded/reset, I would do a general Z-wave exclusion to make sure it is in fact reset. Amber is in programming mode, flashing amber is in inclusion/exclusion mode

Thanks for the help. I ended up chatting with ST support and she had reset my zwave module on the device. I’m not sure what worked in the end, but its working now.