Adding previously paired GE 12724 (ZW3005 series) switch to same hub again?

I have a GE 12724 (ZW3005 series) that was previously paired to my ST V2 hub and it was working fine. However, I had to reset my hub the other day which obviously wiped everything out including this switch, which led me to go back and re-add all my other devices (all which are Samsung Water sensors and Iris Window/Door sensors, all which are Zigbee). This GE Smart Dimmer is the only Z-Wave device currently on the network.

Problem now is that I am unable to reset this switch back to the factory/default settings and getting it back to the default pairing mode. For some reason, it’s stuck at the paired mode and won’t go back to defaults. I’ve tried the "“General Device Exclusion” and “Repair Z-Wave Network” options in my app (Android) but that didn’t help.

According to Jasco Support, the only recourse is to replace the switch since the switch thinks it’s still paired to the hub and as a result, can’t be factory reset and put back into pairing mode (?). If that’s the case, is there a way to force or manually add switch back in, since it’s already previously paired to the same hub?


I had a used one that was very finicky. It took several exclusions and frantically turning it on and off before it took.

also try pulling the air gap on it before the exclusion.


Tried it as well (pulling the air gap out several times), but didn’t work.
In the end, I just replaced it. :frowning:

Samsung updated smart things from the classic app to a new version and to migrate hub I needed to do a factory reset. Since I reset hub I have to re pair my switches. I never imagined this would be such an ordeal.

Does anyone know how to get the ZW3005 dimmer switches into pairing mode?

You shouldn’t have had to reset the hub to migrate. Anyway, you need to exclude the switches to pair them again.