Need help with 3-way Leviton switches

I have installed 5 pairs of three-way switches and all of them have the same problem. The auxiliary switch can turn the lights off but not on. If I turn the lights off with the auxiliary, when I turn them on with the master they turn off immediately two times in a row and then stay on the third time. If I don’t use the auxiliary to turn the lights off, the master switch works as expected.

The auxiliary switch for all of them is the Leviton VP0SR-1LZ. The master switch for four of them is the Leviton DZS15-1BZ and one is a Leviton VRS15-1LZ.

I have a neutral bundle in all the boxes. I used a voltmeter to ensure the master was connecting to the live black line. As far as I know I followed the wiring diagram that came with the switches. What I tried to do is connect the common wire and the wire that went to the red screw on the DZS15-1BZ to the BK screw on the the VP0SR-1LZ, the wire that went to the YEL/RD screw on the DZS15-1BZ to the YEL/RD screw of the the VP0SR-1LZ and added a pigtail to the neutral bundle in the box and connected it the WH screw on the VP0SR-1LZ.

All the bulbs are LED with 4 to 8 bulbs per switch.

I have the newer versions of these Leviton switches/dimmers the Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ but they should work the same way as yours. What I have found is that the dimmers may be wired slightly different then the switches, so this will matter.

For the master dimmer you need Line(hot), Load (Light), Neutral/Common, Traveler(Red), and ground, all in the same box. The remote dimmer will need Line(hot), Neutral/Common, Traveler and ground.

The big difference I found with the switches vs the dimmers is the remote/Aux switch did not need a line(hot) but the remote/aux dimmers did.

On the switches/dimmers wiring should be the following: BK (Line/hot), RD(Load/Light), WH(Neutral/Common) YL/RD (Traveler/Red) and ground (green)

If you have a second traveler line usually black, you can use this line to carry either the YL/RD or neutral from one box to the other if you do not have all the wires needed.

I finally got around to working on this again. After reading and rereading the instructions I realized I put the master switch where the remote goes and vice versa. I swapped the switches and made sure to follow the directions exactly and they now work as designed (or at least the three pairs I have rewired do, I still have two pairs to go).