Leviton Decora 3 way help

Hey guys and gals,

I did my first self-install of a Leviton Decora z-Wave Switch today and looking for some help. I thought it was going to be as straightforward as adding in a neutral wire but i’ve run into a problem. The problem however is not with the Leviton switch, it’s the older (dumb) switch on the other end of the 3-way.

The Leviton switch is working fine, turns the lights on/off, allows me to turn on/off from my phone. The older 3way switch which i have not touched won’t turn the lights off when they are on, and won’t turn them on when they are off.

Any ideas? Have i wired the Leviton incorrectly and that is the issue?

I think the issue is you cannot do what you’re trying to do. I don’t use the Leviton switches b I’m pretty sure you have to change the other switch too to a slave similar to how he does it. I’m sure others will chime in soon but I’d check into that first.

Just googled it, pretty sure you need Leviton VP00R-1LZ as the secondary switch.

That’s how it works with the GE switches in a 3-way. The second switch must be changed also.

Thanks guys. Looks like i should also be able to use the VP0SR-10Z which is a much cheaper option at only $10.