Leviton 3-Way Smart Switch Help

Trying to wire a 3-way switch with Leviton DZ15S-1BZ master switch and DD0SR-01Z coordinating switch.

My lights look to be set up in a 3 way switch loop so I only have one wire feeding into the coordinating switch box.

So far I’ve gotten it to work where I can use the Master switch to turn off/on, but the Coordinating/dummy remote can turn the lights only on.

Current wiring to achieve above behavior
Master - Wired per instructions (line in to BK, neutral bundle jumper to WH, red/black travelers to YL/RD and RD)

Coordinating - One line coming to this box with no neutral bundle (white wire in to BK/common terminal, black in to YL/RD, red in to RD). I think the reason why I’m unable to break the circuit on this switch is the absence of a neutral connection?

Images: https://imgur.com/a/v944ot2

In further researching it last night, I’m beginning to think I need to repurpose 1 of my traveler wires as a neutral? I’m no expert in this matter so I’m unsure where to begin if that’s the recommendation.

Thanks everyone for any recommendations you have to get this working.

I work primarily with a brand other than Leviton, but I can explain some things generally about a 3-way that should help you.

You stated that your Aux box (the remote or coordinating box) has only one 3-wire (that’s three conductors plus a ground) Romex to it. This suggests that unless you have a no-neutral configuration, your Line and Load Romex are in the Master box. This means that for the Master box, there will be THREE Romex that pertain to the Master: A 2-wire (usually) Romex that is the Line, A 2-wire Romex to the light and a 3-wire Romex to the Aux switch box.

It sounds as if you have a Line/Load in the Master box but can’t be 100% sure from your description. Take a look at this video. If you have a Line in your Master box, then I believe you have configuration 2:

Take a look at the linked video.

Thanks for sharing the video. I have configuration 3. Line and load in Master box (only 2 sets of wires) and then a load in the Aux box (only 1 wire). So basically the set of can lights is wired up in between the 2 switches.

With this configuration, is it possible to reconfigure it to repurpose one of the two traveler wires as a neutral?

If you have configuration 3, then you have a non-neutral situation. That means that your power is coming from the light via the 2-wire Romex BUT the switched hot is being returned to the light via the white on the same Romex. Hence, the white is not a neutral. To confirm this, USING A METER, test between the white and black 2-wire. You will NOT get 120V.

The GE switch is not compatible with a non-neutral configuration. There isn’t a neutral in the Aux box either from what you describe, so you can’t get it from there.

I don’t know what other conductors, if any, are in your primary box. But you have to be careful in how you proceed since your hot is coming from the light. It’s probably best to consult with a licensed electrician.

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I don’t believe the Leviton combo is compatible with this either.

I’ve got two Levitons in 3-ways but they are the dimmer combo (DZ6HD master dimmer and DD00R dimming remote).

The remote/Aux switch in the Leviton design has LED(s) that track the LED(s) in the master so the device needs power. Which means it needs a neutral, I believe.

Standard wiring for the Leviton dimmer and aux has the aux in the box with line and the master in the box with load.

Not sure there are any other options if you stick with Leviton.

You might want to look into the Zooz ZEN26 switch. It will work in the config where line and load are in the same box. You would leave your existing dumb switch in place in the other box.


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At least as described, he doesn’t have a line . . .just a hot with no neutral. The only switch that I’m familiar with that will work with a non-neutral is an Inovelli.

Hard to tell with the description provided. A neutral bundle in the “master” box was mentioned. I guessed he’s got two-wire romex coming from the breaker, another two-wire romex going to the light(s), and a three-wire romex going to the secondary box.

@SH_82 can you please describe in detail all the cables in each box. Pictures would be good, too.