Using SmartThings with other hubs

I recently purchased a Z-Stick ( in an attempt to control the SmartThings that I own with it (I’m fooling around with node-openzwave for fun). SmartThings is my first Z-Wave setup, so I’m still a bit new to this, but if I understand correctly Z-Wave devices typically have a button on them that you can press to initiate a pairing. However I see no such button on any of my SmartThings devices, and trying to pair them anyway doesn’t seem to work. I have removed the devices I’m trying to pair from the SmartThings hub and confirmed that they no longer show up in my device list on the developers section of the website.

Are SmartThings supposed to be able to work with other hubs? Or is only the inverse officially supported?


ST-branded things are Zigbee, not Z-wave.

Oh, I guess that would explain it. Not sure why I was convinced it was Z-Wave. Thanks!