What ST hub should i get

Hello all. I wanna start using smartthings and making sure i buy the right products.

Im looking to start with a Smart hub. Im looking at the aeotec and the samsung smartthings station.

I wnated to know which one would be better overall. Im looking for something that can conect to more products and is able to do more.

Should i be cautious about one. Anything i should know.

The first thing imma get is the phillips 4000 series door lock. But i assume either of them would connect.

Thank you for any help that be given.

The Aeotec has an Ethernet port, that would be reason enough for me to prefer it. It also supports Z-Wave unlike the Station.

They also seem to get firmware updates earlier.

Have you checked that it’s a compatible product? Don’t know that model, but a quick search says it’s a bluetooth lock? With a WiFi bridge? I guess it’s a cloud integration then.

That specific model does have an official cloud to cloud integration with SmartThings that should work out of the box, although you will also need the Phillips Wi-Fi bridge (which is different than the Hue Bridge, this is one specifically for their locks.)

Here’s the bridge you’ll need:

As @jkp mentioned, The main difference between the station and the Aeotec is that the aeotec also supports Z wave if you’re interested in Devices using that protocol. Mostly that gives you a bigger choice of candidates for light switches. :thinking:

are you sure? :slight_smile: or @mocelet

My bad, yes, it was @mocelet Who mentioned it. :sunglasses:

Yeah i saw on the smsrtthings app saying it wpuld work i just need the hub.

Yeah so my goal is to have smart locks, door sensors. No lights at the moment and then video doorbell and some outdoor cameras. If i byy the bridge you metioned do i just pulg the hub into that and it should work?

When you install and set up the Philips lock… you would use their app and create an account with them (start with their app which should guide you through the process). To connect to ST, you go to Add Device → Add Partner device → Philips Home Access and login to the account you created for them and your lock will be integrated with ST. (or at least that is how I assume the process goes).


No, The integration will still be cloud to cloud.

First, you would set up the lock with its own app and connect it to the Phillips Wi-Fi bridge using that app.

Once you have done that, you open the SmartThings app and add the lock as a device, and it will create a cloud to cloud integration between your SmartThings account and the Hue Wi-Fi bridge.

You actually don’t need a SmartThings hub at all to use that particular lock because the integration is account to account, not direct to the hub.

@jkp described this process more accurately than I did, but I’m too tired to go back and change mine. The main point I wanted to make is that the SmartThings hub is actually irrelevant to the integration for that specific lock model.

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And any Routines you create do not run locally and require Internet access. I would look for a lock that uses either Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Matter and connects to a hub so that Routines would run locally.


Just wanna say thank you to everyone for helping me. I think imma build a system around the aeotec smart hub and try to find a door lock, door sensor, and etc. That work best for it and have either zigbee, zwave or matter on it.


You won’t regret it. And when you create a routine and see a little gray house icon, the routine runs local.

Very satisfying!