Need Help attaching devices to hub 2.0

The only devices I can attach are the Smartthings Door sensors. Nothing else will work.

  1. Fortrezz Siren
  • Pressed program button twice and tried to join.
  1. EcoLink Motion Sensors
    Per directions, pulling battery for 5 seconds, then putting the cover back on puts this unit in inclusion mode. .
  2. GE Zwave Toggle Switches.
    Toggled On and Off on 3 different switches and nothing. The First switch is about 15 feet from the hub. Tried Exclusion mode from the Hub. Then tried to reset the switch following instructions here: I tapped the top rocker 10 times and the LED did not blink.

Try resetting the devices with the steps in this article, and then pair. This should work for all 3 of your devices.

Fortrezz Siren took me a bit. My problem was getting it excluded first. Just didn’t wan to exclude. Once I got it to it paired fine.

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Excluding the zwave devices did the trick.