GE Dimmer Switch Major Issues - Help?

Hi guys,

So, I was having problems with my porch lights on a GE dimmer switch. It was would show on or off on the app, but nothing would actually happen on the lights. Anyhow, I went ahead and reset the entire hub so I could start all my GE dimmers from scratch (rooms, names etc). NOW - I cannot connect any of the GE dimmers to my hub that has been reset. I pulled every air switch on my dimmers, let them sit for a while, and tried to reconnect with no luck.

Now here is the interesting part. I have one room that I never connected. I tried that room and it recognized the switch and allowed me to set it up. All the rest of my switches are not working (10 of them). I cannot connect to a single one! There is no way they all went bad, so what am I doing wrong?

What do you mean by that? A reboot, or did you actually factory reset the hub? If you went to that extreme, you’ll have to exclude all those devices before you can reinclude them back.

Sounds like you reset the hubs, but not the switches. I don’t have any GE switches, never had good luck with them. I know with Leviton JUST pushing the air gap does not put the switches into pairing/unpairing mode. There is a combination of button press/holds that have to follow the air gap to actually reset it and put it in pairing mode.

Yes sir, I reset the hub entirely. (I wanted to start from scratch anyhow). Any idea how to exclude the GE dimmer switches and reinlcude them? I looked at the manual online but it all says go through hub. In my case I cannot because I already reset the hub.

Exclude directions can be found here:


Look at the support document @ritchierich just posted (thanks!). I have 70+ GE switches, and while a couple have gone dumb and needed the Replace (not zwave repair) function done via the app, I’m quite happy with the GE’s.

The next time you have a switch do that to you, examine your hub placement, and any range or interference issues. I would also highly recommend using Replace instead of completely removing a device. It will save to a ton of time having to redo any SmartApps.

Fixed!!! Thank you gentlemen!