Need help! Adding Aeotec Smart Home Hub to Smart Things (Singapore)

Im new to the smart home scene and trying to learn as much as I can from youtube. I recently purchased the aeotec smart home hub since its the same as the smart things hub. But i am having difficulty adding the hub into the smart things app. From the instructions, to add the hub u go through the brand aeotec and then wifi/hub. But when i try to do it, it doesnt show up in the app. Tried reinstalling, clear cache and data but it is still the same. This noob this help.

Hi, welcome to Smartthings! If you choose add device, than choose the option for add by decide type, then the option for smart home hubs, you will see an option for the Aeotec hub.

Tried it but aeotec doesnt pop up. Only samsung and smart things

What country are you in?

I’m in the US, and I see the Aeotec hub listed under both device type and brand.

by device type

by brand

But that might not be true in all regions. :thinking:

Im from Singapore so the Asia region. From the looks of it, it’s region locked?

Yes, I believe so.

Aeotec is the hardware partner for Australia, North America, and Europe, but I don’t think they announced one for Singapore.

For one thing, the zwave frequency differs by region, so you would need a different model of the hub.

Unfortunately, at present the only version of the SmartThings hub certified for Singapore is the WiFi mesh model, and I personally wouldn’t buy that one right now as it has not been updated for about a year and it doesn’t work with the new Edge Driver architecture. :disappointed_relieved:

I would contact SmartThings support in Singapore and ask them if you can use the South Korean model IM6001-V3P03. That has the same zwave frequency as Singapore and does support the Edge Driver architecture. But I don’t know if it’s available in Singapore or not.

Singapore support:

And here is the discussion thread in this community about the hub model that IS currently available in Singapore.

Smartthings WIFI Mesh Hub, Edge drivers

To be honest, you are starting your smart home project at a time when the entire global industry is on pause waiting for the release of a new standard, Matter, which is going to improve interoperability. Almost all the big home automation companies are on board: Samsung, Apple, Google, Amazon, Philips, Aqara, IKEA, Yale, Schlage, and many more. (Tuya is the notable exception for now.) But not one Matter hub is yet available to buy, with new models and updates now expected in about 6 months. So it’s just hard to make decisions right now.