Smart hub v3 in UK

Hi why is it so difficult to buy a smart things hub in the UK??

There are many existing threads on this issue, so I’m surprised you didn’t see one already.

In any case, the answer is that Samsung has decided to stop selling and supporting home automation hardware. They will continue to provide the cloud and the app, but the devices will now be sold under the brand of partner companies. In the UK, this is Aeotec. They have released a new version of the hub which is the same as the V3 version, it just has a different logo.

Official announcement:

Amazon has been going in and out of stock on the new hub, here’s the product page:

vesternet has the new Aeotec hub in stock

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That’s great thankyou

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Amazon UK do have limited stocks of SmartThings V3 hub, and a V3 hub + Smart Plug pack at the moment (half past seven on the evening of 12th Jan). There is currently a modest premium in the prices (about equivalent to postage costs from places that charge postage) but they are there.

If you dont already have a hub, consider looking into Safely
It is a new DIY system that also offers security. The smart home features are currently lacking but the hub is very powerful and more and more smart home devices and features are going to be added. PM me if you’d like to get a coupon code with a discount.