Deleting presence sensor deletes all automations

So once again my phone stopped working as a presence sensor. Not sure what happens but it never lasts more than a week. When I go into the IDE it looks like my phone wasn’t active in awhile.

Anyway, tonight I went to delete the phone as a presence sensor and that ended up also deleting and completely wiping out all my automations that were triggered with my phone. What the heck! Anyone else run into this? No I have hours of work ahead of me to rebuild all those automations. I am SO frustrated with SmartThings since the buyout by Samsung. It’s getting less and less reliable.

Yes, that’s how I understand it to work as well. The way I worked around this originally was to create a virtual presence sensor. When I needed to drop and re-add a sensor I would flip the automations to use that virtual sensor, drop/re-add the real one, then set them back. A pain, but not as bad as losing the automations. Recently what I did was make the virtual presence the “real one” and use webcore to update it. That means now if I had to drop/re-add, get a new phone, reset phone, etc I just have 1 place to deal with.

Thank you for confirming I wasn’t crazy. Samsung needs to fix this. This is not user friendly at all and there is no documentation of this anywhere. I’ll give your approach a shot.

First thing first. I need to find out why my phone keeps dropping off as a presence sensor.

Old app or new app? I did this also in my settings on the new app and it gave a warning about that asking if I want to continue.

New app no warning. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Oh, didn’t think about the warning. I use classic app and pretty sure I get a warning, but I’m not sure I’ve ever tried to delete presence without doing what I suggested first since I knew it would do it from trying to delete other types of devices.

I only delete things from IDE, I have not had any issues.